Dota 2 News: Quincy Crew Gets Direct Invite To TI10 With NoPing Esports Win

Quincy Crew beat NoPing Esports 2-1 at Kyiv Major in a series with one insane final game to mathematically secure TI10 qualification.

Image: WePlay Esports

For a while, the discussion revolved around how teams over 800 DPC points have a change of over 99% to get the direct invitation to TI10. While that’s good, it’s best to know you’ve stepped over the threshold and then breathe a sigh of relief, which is exactly what Quincy Crew did with their NoPing Esports win at WePlay AniMajor.

The series began with a one-sided play in favor of Quincy Crew, making the best South American team appear to fall short of their North American counterparts. But NoPing came to life in Game 2, taking it comfortably. It was Game 3 where all the madness unfolded. The game was so back and forth that the charts of net worth, experience, and odds of winning keep shifting from team to team.

Quincy Crew took the lead early in the match, but NoPing recovered from the poor laning phase. It was a relatively balanced match, when Quincy Crew won a fight and tried to climb to the heights, but did so with Metamorphosis and BKBs on cooldown. The NoPing buyouts not only kept their barracks, but they also turned the tide and went for their own barracks set!

The same process repeated itself, with Quincy Crew winning a fight, getting a Barracks, then diving into Level 4 towers instead of getting another set of Barracks. Abaddon from NoPing, who reappeared at the perfect time as Quincy Crew dove past levels 4, managed to save his Luna and Leshrac with some use of Glimmer Cape and Aphotic Shield. The process repeated itself, as NoPing won the ensuing team fight and went on to take another barracks set, level 4 and began hitting the Ancient One. The only thing between them and a direct invite to TI10 was 2,500 HP on the Ancient enemy, but Quincy Crew had the required defense. With a Terrorblade buyout and a Sunder clutch to save his Viper, QC held out long enough to get everyone back and go to the other end of the map and end the game. For the last defense, Terrorblade didn’t have enough gold for redemption. But his team won the 39-minute bonuses and managed to get enough gold to put him back into the game.

With this victory, QC goes up to 1100 points and is now guaranteed to be directly invited to TI10. They face T1 in their next series in an attempt to secure a spot in WePlay AniMajor’s top group final. NoPing, on the other hand, is demoted to the bottom bracket and will have to fight against Evil geniuses stay in the tournament. Instead of being on 885 points, the defeat keeps them at 585 points. If they lose to EG or even the game after EG, NoPing will go home with zero points and will have to play in the South American TI10 qualifiers. Currently, no team from South America has sealed their invitation to Stockholm. Beastcoast is the closest with 800 points, but they won’t know what their fate is until after the Kyiv Major is played.

In the final heat of the day, Nigma advanced to the top bracket with a 2-0 victory over Virtus Pro. The series was supposed to be the second of the day, but Nigma’s mid laner Amer “Miracle” Barkawi suffered from food poisoning early in the first game, and the series had to be postponed. 0 in the Eastern European region over the two DPC seasons, did not appear to be a match for the reborn Nigma. VP will face Vici Gaming in the lower bracket tomorrow, in a bid to defend the CIS region’s strength, while Nigma will try to continue her winning form with a face-off against arguably the strongest team in the major tournament. to date, the PSG.LGD.

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