T20 World Cup set to move to UAE and Oman; CPI hinted internally

The tent for the T20 World Cup in October-November is expected to be moved to the United Arab Emirates and Oman, with BCCI having internally suggested to the ICC to continue its preparation due to a delicate Covid-19 situation in India .

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani has said the upcoming ICC T20 Men’s World Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates due to the Covid-19 situation in India. Last month, BCCI announced that the remaining season of IPL2021 will take place in the United Arab Emirates due to the monsoon in India in September-October.

However, BCCI had also asked the ICC for more time before deciding whether India would remain the host country for the T20 World Cup. From now on, the brand event is due to take place in the country in October-November. While the United Arab Emirates have always been the first save option, the capital of Oman, Muscat, has been added as a fourth venue, aside from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, for the tournament which kicks off the last week of October. .

He said Muscat has been specifically targeted for the preliminary rounds of the 16-team competition, which will also allow the three UAE pitches to have enough time to cool off after 31 IPL matches.

“If the IPL ends by October 10, the UAE stage of the World T20 can begin in November, which would leave three weeks” time for the grounds to be refreshed for the world event. In the meantime, the first week can be held in Oman, ”he said.

IPL and PSL were suspended in the middle of the season after the coronavirus pierced their bio-secure bubbles with several players and match officials starting to test positive. However, the organizers of the two leagues managed to find a window and a place to host the remaining matches in the UAE.

Another ‘elephant in the room’ is the number of foreign players who would like to risk coming to India for the tournament if the situation does not improve considerably.

“They would definitely come and play the IPL in the UAE and would be more than happy to play the T20 World Cup there.

“But one can be assured that there would be apprehensions regarding the health safety of the players” the families and their boards of directors and the local cricket association would give them an update on the perceptions of the threats to health . It would be easier said than done, ”the official said.

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