Suffering from breast cancer, Algerian Samira Mokrani launches an SOS

Suffering from breast cancer, Samira Mokrani launched a distress call to the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports. The practitioner of Kempo, a Chinese martial art, can no longer pay the costs of her treatment.

Samira Mokrani, suffering from breast cancer, calls on the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports for medical treatment

Algerian athlete Samira Mokrani gives a cry of distress. It is indeed affected by your breast cancer. In a video posted on social networks, Samira calls on the Ministry of Youth and Sports in her country to benefit from medical care. “I can no longer take charge of my treatment. We need appropriate support for me and for all Algerian athletes who silently ” says the 35-year-old champion.

The specialist in Kempo, a Chinese martial art, began practicing the sport at the age of 10. And she has represented Algeria on several occasions on the international stage. The resident of the amateur sports club of martial arts Idhourar of Tizi-Ouzou has a rich record. The sportswoman has won 7 world titles and has been champion of Algeria several times. “When I was in good shape, I gave everything for my country, now it’s up to them to help us” declares the student in master 1 in Amazigh literature.

His video has gone viral on the web. The world champion has received several support from her former teammates and Algerian internet users. Samira recently revealed on her Facebook page that she wanted to win “another medal against cancer you will be“.



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