May 8, 2021

Sports Legend

Dog crashes on the track and wins the race, paws down

A sprint dog joined a high school relay race in Logan, Utah, and unleashed a victory from behind.

The dog hurtled down a grassy bank and began to overtake the human runners on the final stage of the 4X200 relay. But as the crowd cheered, the dog still had a long gap before catching lead runner Gracie Laney of Logan High School.

No problem. The little four-legged accelerated and passed Laney towards the finish, almost tripping her.

“At first I thought he was another runner and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead,” Laney told KSL. “As I got closer, I thought, ‘It’s too small to be a person,’ then I noticed it was a dog.”

Laney said she was afraid of hurting herself and stepping on the dog with her spikes.

But she managed to anchor her team to a victory – at least among humans.

An athlete from another school said the dog, Holly, was family and freed from her parents, Yahoo reported.

“Who left the dog outside?” a YouTube commentator wrote.

“This dog deserves a d1 scholarship,” added another.

A viewer commenting on the Facebook clip of the Utah Fox 13 station run joked, “The dog must be DQ for cutting it lol.”