May 14, 2021

Sports Legend

Free Contest Series: Free Contest Series

Captain Morgan and FanDuel recently joined forces to launch a new series of free contests to kick off the historic football season. Fans will play for a chance to win cash prizes by cheering on their teams each week.

“We at Captain Morgan have all been looking forward to this season for several months now, and we know there are millions of football fans who are as eager as we are to see teams in action once again in their home stadiums. , “Said Sam Salameh, vice president of Captain Morgan.” We know that football fans are some of the most passionate of all sports, and we look forward to helping fuel that passion. We are delighted to have found a partner in FanDuel who will help us offer fans new ways to consume. and be part of the game we all love this season. “

Image Credit: Captain Morgan, FanDuel