May 8, 2021

Sports Legend

NRL News Ricky Stuart unloads imbalanced penalty count in Raiders’ loss to Rabbitohs

Raiders coach Ricky Stuart brought his grievances to the referee over his team’s 34-20 loss to the Rabbitohs at GIO Stadium, claiming he “doesn’t give a damn about being qualified as a whinger ”.

True to his habit, Stuart took to his post-match press conference with his heart on his sleeve, and evidently had a bone to choose with referee Ben Cummins for an imbalanced penalty count which he said had cruelly reduced the chances of his troops to organize a courageous must- win victory without a half star George Williams.

“It happens to us a lot this year,” Stuart began.

“I’m going to sound like a whinger, which I don’t really mind being called a whinger, but when you get a game over there where it’s 8-1 on penalties, I just think it takes a discussion. . “

When told that despite the one-sided penalty tally, the Raiders got seven starts over Souths’ zero, Stuart appeared to back down.

“The ruck was so slow tonight, mate,” he replied.

“I can’t believe it was only seven. But please I know it probably sounds like that, but I’m not disrespectful to the Souths. They are playing good soccer right now. I thought. that we matched the performance tonight.

“I was happy with a lot of our game. But again, like I said, we can’t keep giving away cheap 12-18 points per game. So we’re just us. themselves to blame.

The loss sees Ricky’s Raiders drop to four straight games without a win, and will undoubtedly have big ramifications for their final push at the end of the season.

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