May 14, 2021

Sports Legend

Rory McIlroy accidentally hits his dad in the first mastery round

AUGUSTA, Ga (AP) – Rory McIlroy hit his approach to the seventh hole Thursday at the Masters where he was aiming.

The problem was, he was targeting his father.

Here’s a story that will be part of the McIlroy family lore for probably forever: Gerry McIlroy stood near the right side of the green, watching his son play his second shot from left to right on the fairway. The ball ended up hitting Gerry McIlroy in the left leg.

“It was a perfect shot,” said Rory McIlroy.

Good type of. He ended up doing bogey, which was his third in a row at that time.

“It was all right,” said Rory McIlroy. “But I think he was fine. He didn’t limp. He pulled away pretty quickly, so it was okay. “

Gerry McIlroy is a fairly good golfer himself. He introduced his son to the game a long time ago and has developed many followers among his peers at his native course, the Seminole Golf Club in Florida.

He will enjoy this story for years to come.

Rory McIlroy also had a tee shot on the par-4 11th, which caused some clients to tap away. He finished with a 4 of 76, not exactly increasing his chances of finally winning a Masters and finishing the career Grand Slam.

There is a kind of tradition in golf that when someone is hit by a stray ball, the golfer signs a glove and presents it to the person as an excuse, a game as a souvenir. McIlroy didn’t seem to intend to give one to his father.

“I think he just needs to go put some ice,” he said. “Maybe I’ll autograph a bag of frozen peas for him.”