May 11, 2021

Sports Legend

State Bicycle Co. x The Grateful Dead Jerseys

State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead recently announced a new collaboration dedicated to “spreading the good vibes and taking the recent cycling boom to new heights”. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers have started cycling to stay active at home.

To cater to this growing customer base, State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead have released limited edition custom klunker bikes, along with a full line of available products that are expected to sell almost, including jerseys, handlebar tape, bicycle saddles and cycling caps. The playful and eye-catching jerseys are made from durable fabric and include the Tie-Dye Skulls jersey, Lightning Bolt jersey, and Good ‘Ol Grateful Dead jersey.

The State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead set is available to shop online.

Image Credit: State Bicycle Co./The Grateful Dead Jerseys