May 14, 2021

Sports Legend

Melbourne Storm vs Cronulla Sharks start time, results, news for round 8

All eyes tonight will be on Sharks playmaker Shaun Johnson, who is making his first start of the year after recovering from an Achilles injury.

Johnson left the trade last week in the club’s loss to the Bulldogs, but this week Sharks caretaker coach Josh Hannay opted to ditch his colleague Matt Moylan in favor of the Neo international. Zealander to start alongside Chad Townsend.

Johnson and Moylan are among 14 current Sharks players leaving their contract as the club prepare to welcome new coach Craig Fitzgibbon in 2022. The club will also say goodbye to Townsend after signing a three-year contract with the Cowboys next season.

But with rumors that the Sharks are set to land South Sydney half-back Adam Reynolds, who is in the middle of a contract with the Rabbitohs, there is only one spot left in the halves of the year. next.

Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns believes Johnson and Moylan would do very well alongside Reynolds but believes the 30-year-old Kiwi would be better suited for the club at the right price.

It is understood that Johnson, who is said to have a contract worth around $ 800,000 per season, is seeking a two-year deal with a similar pay package for next year.

“I think one or the other would go well with Adam Reynolds,” Johns said on Wide World of Sports’ Immortal Behavior. “I think the Broncos will be the best for Shaun Johnson.

“If Johnson goes, it’ll be Moylan and that fits technically. Moylan plays left and Reynolds plays right. But either / or – I think Johnson or Moylan might go well with Reynolds.”

“With the right money, Shaun Johnson, I would keep it for around $ 500-600 (mile per season). Moylan the same even though there are concerns for Moylan’s body.

“Aaron Woods I would keep him for the right price probably $ 500,000. Josh (Dugan) I might leave him, he has a lot of money at the end of it but Rudolf and Connor Tracey I would keep him. He can play anywhere he goes. I saw him play in the semi-finals for South Sydney and the outside full-backs. “