May 14, 2021

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Dimitar Berbatov tells Tottenham who to appoint after missing Julian Nagelsmann

Dimitar Berbatov has named Fulham boss Scott Parker as the ideal candidate to replace Jose Mourinho in the Tottenham seat.

Spurs owner Daniel Levy shocked the football world with the brutal sacking of Mourinho just 18 months after starting his managerial tenure.

With Ryan Mason placed in temporary charge until the summer, many Spurs fans were hoping Julian Nagelsmann would land the job permanently at the end of the season.

Unfortunately for them, Bayern Munich beat Tottenham to the punch, rushing to poach Nagelsmann from rivals RB Leipzig, although he was forced to fork out a record sum in compensation.

“I’m not surprised that Nagelsmann chose Bayern Munich over Spurs, he’s a very young coach who still has a lot of time to learn and make mistakes before he leaves Germany to go somewhere like England, “said the former Spurs forward. Betfair .

Daniel Levy seeks replacement for Jose Mourinho at Tottenham
Daniel Levy seeks replacement for Jose Mourinho at Tottenham

“I’m sure he will arrive in the Premier League at some point, but for now he is happy to develop further in the Bundesliga, which is understandable.

“Erik Ten Hag would have been on the Spurs roster as well, but he just signed a contract extension at Ajax which will be a big blow.”

Several other big names are now in the frame, including Maurizio Sarri, Massimiliano Allegri and Brendan Rodgers, but Berbatov believes Tottenham should take a closer look at former player Parker, who he played with at Fulham.

Berbatov thinks Scott Parker would be a perfect match for Spurs
Berbatov thinks Scott Parker would be a perfect match for Spurs

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“I think Spurs should have a young manager, an ambitious manager with a vision of how to make a difference for the future, someone with modern thinking who can evolve with the game.”

“Ryan Mason is in charge at the moment and if the results are good his chances of becoming a permanent coach will absolutely increase, if not the club will look elsewhere.

“Scott Parker does a great job in my opinion, despite the relegation battle that Fulham is in. I know firsthand how well he can do a good job, I think he can help Spurs and get them to the next step.”