May 11, 2021

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NRL news, Tyson Gamble beats NRL legends in Broncos’ stunning comeback

Tyson Gamble wowed fans with a sensational return to top football as he led the Broncos to an exciting 36-28 comeback against the Titans at Suncorp Stadium.

Thrown into the mix in place of Tom Dearden and Brodie Croft who were ditched in the reserves this week, Gamble had the opportunity to prove his worth in arguably the highest pressure position – the Broncos No.7 shirt. – and what that was a performance.

Sitting alongside Anthony Milford, Gamble’s game of organization and leadership proved the leadership Brisbane needed, but more importantly, formed the perfect basis for freeing Milford to do what he does best.

“He was really lippy, he got into that,” Milford told Nine full time. “We played together at Souths Logan, he allowed me to play more freely and to choose my seats.

“I thought he was really good tonight.”

The Broncos’ fourth halves have come together in eight weeks for 353 yards kicking and an assist, but more importantly, it was Gamble’s steady orchestration that saw Brisbane come back from a 22-0 deficit for equalize at half-time.

“I just want to talk about Tyson Gamble,” Storm tall Billy Slater said. “He’s the one who organizes the game, he’s the one who talks and points.

“He was exceptional in this game, he just gave so much structure and gave Milford that freedom.

“Without hearing what was being said on the pitch, you knew he had control of the pitch with his hands, his gestures he told people in which position and where to enter, that’s what you expect from a directive half . “

Oates goes all the way

Queensland legend Johnathan Thurston was also impressed.

“Over the past few weeks, the halves have sat behind the Broncos forwards when they attack the line, and that doesn’t do anything for the defense,” he said.

“So it’s good to see Tyson Gamble up front.”

Paul Vautin added: “Well, Kevin Walters said before the game, that’s what Tyson brings, he has a voice. He talks to all the players, he tells them what to do, where to go.” me, inside of me, anywhere and he’s got a good match. “

NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler said the Broncos’ victory “went to Tyson, where he prepared it.”

Coach Kevin Walters has confirmed to Nine that Gamble will retain his starting position alongside Milford in the semi-finals for Brisbane’s round of 16 game against the Cowboys.

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