May 14, 2021

Sports Legend

Daley fights Olympic boredom with knitting

TOKYO: British Dive Star Tom Daley (pix) He said on Saturday he could handle the boredom of an Olympic bubble – provided he brings his knitting and crochet to the Tokyo Games.

Daley and his partner Matthew Lee won the 10m synchronized competition on day one of the Diving World Cup in Tokyo – an event taking place under strict biosecurity conditions as Olympic organizers prepare for the postponed Games this year. been on coronaviruses.

Divers are mostly confined to their rooms and are only allowed to train or compete.

But British superstar Daley took it all in his stride, having packed a lot of crafts to see him through the long hours.

“It’s a little weird, but I brought a lot of knitting and crochet so I didn’t get bored,” Daley told reporters from across a window.

“Having a child makes you appreciate the moment when you can even say you’re bored. When I’m at home, I don’t have time to be bored. “

Daley, who had already secured his spot at the Tokyo Games, added that his diving partner Lee had “brought his coloring book”.

The Diving World Cup, which also serves as an Olympic qualifier, is one of the first test events featuring athletes from overseas to be held in Tokyo since the pandemic.

It includes more than 200 divers from nearly 50 countries, but none from Australia, which last week withdrew for fear it would be “dangerous” to travel to Japan.

Tokyo is currently in a state of viral emergency, but Olympics organizers believe they can host the Games safely and this week established updated rules for athletes, including daily virus testing.

A coach from one of the teams participating in the diving test tested positive on arrival in Japan and was quarantined, the Japan Swimming Federation said on Friday.

Daley said he was tested twice before leaving Britain and again after arriving in Japan on Tuesday, and then once a day since.

“We’re just very lucky that we can even host this event in the first place,” he said.

“The Japanese organizing committee has been extremely diligent in everything we have done.”

Daley and Lee won the event with a score of 453.60, ahead of Randal Willars Valdez and Ivan Garcia Navarro of Mexcio at 405.69 and Vincent Riendeau and Nathan Zsombor-Murray of Canada at 393.81.

Divers were warned over loudspeakers during training on Saturday not to stand too close to each other.

The six-day event is taking place behind closed doors, and Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said AFP this week, fans could also be banned from the Games themselves.

Organizers will decide in June how many spectators – if any – can attend, and U.S. diver Kassidy Cook said Saturday’s event took some getting used to.

“What was really weird to me was that when you got out of the water you weren’t sure if your dive was good or not because there was just silence,” she says.

The 3 m women’s synchronized competition was won by the Chinese Yani Chang and Yiwen Chen with 317.16 points, followed by the Canadians Jennifer Abel and Melissa Citrini Beaulieu with 289.98 and the Italians Chiara Pellacani and Elena Bertocchi with 283.77. – AFP