May 11, 2021

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Carolina Panthers Head Coach Matt Rhule Honors Wife’s Request By Writing Chuba Hubbard | NFL News

The Panthers selected Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard in the fourth round of the final day of the 2021 NFL Draft

Last updated: 02/05/21 9:30 am

Chuba Hubbard arrives in Carolina to support Christian McCaffrey (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki)

Chuba Hubbard arrives in Carolina to support Christian McCaffrey (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki)

The Carolina Panthers were on the clock in the fourth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday when coach Matt Rhule received a text.

It was his wife, Julie, and she had a succinct message: Draft Chuba Hubbard. Peace at the dinner table was kept as Rhule and the Panthers followed directions and ranked the Oklahoma State running back with the 126th overall.

Rhule broke the news to Hubbard when they chatted on the phone shortly after the selection was announced in Cleveland, where all seven rounds of the draft took place over three days from the first round on Thursday night.

“That’s right. I have to tell you that, man,” Rhule told Hubbard in a video posted by the Panthers. “About 10 minutes ago my wife texted me and said, ‘Please take Chuba Hubbard.’ So she talks, it happens. Glad to have you, man. “

Carolina owner David Tepper called and verified the text was legitimate by speaking to Hubbard.

The Panthers are hoping Julie Rhule has an eye for talent and that Hubbard can be a solid support for star runner Christian McCaffrey.

McCaffrey had a season for the ages in 2019, but only played three games due to injury last season. Mike Davis, a now departed journeyman, performed his role superbly, but his limitations also showed Carolina needed to improve her position.

Hubbard had a huge season in 2019 when he rushed for 2,094 yards and 21 touchdowns for the state of Oklahoma. But things didn’t go so well in the COVID-19-plagued 2020 campaign, as he only ran for 625 yards and five touchdowns in seven games before an ankle injury interrupted his season. .

But Rhule, who once coached at Baylor, hasn’t forgotten that day that day in mid-October in 2019 when Hubbard rushed for 171 yards and two touchdowns.

“I couldn’t sit there and watch you run wild all these years at Baylor and not take you when I had the chance,” Rhule said.