May 14, 2021

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Manchester United Protest: Greater Manchester Police Arrest After Old Trafford Protest | Football News

Greater Manchester Police have made an arrest following Sunday’s protest by Manchester United fans at Old Trafford.

A number of supporters forced their way into Old Trafford ahead of the scheduled 4:30 p.m. kickoff against Liverpool on Sunday, as a protest against club owners, the Glazer family, turned into incidents of damage and violence.

The match was postponed about an hour later amid the disruption with a decision yet to be made on a rearranged date for the match to be played.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed six police officers were injured during the protest, one of whom needed hospital treatment and is now discharged from hospital.

“Six policemen have been injured so far, one policeman with a fractured orbit requiring medical treatment, and another was injured in the face, as a result of bottles and cans being thrown by the crowd.” , said a statement from the Greater Manchester Police. .

“A third officer was dragged and kicked. The officer who attended the hospital has since been released.

“A 28-year-old man has been arrested as a result of this investigation and all available evidence is urgently examined to identify both the organizers of this protest and those responsible for the assaults on the officers.”

GMP Deputy Police Chief Nick Bailey said: “The behavior shown at this protest was absolutely excruciating. The officers were just trying to do their job and facilitate a peaceful protest.

“However, a number of those present became hostile and aggressive towards the officers and forcibly entered the football fields, making it very clear that this protest was not peaceful and ruining it for the majority of the protesters who did not. did not intend for the demonstration to turn violent.

“Our officers tried to dialogue with the demonstrators, but were faced with violence and assaults which resulted in coercive measures. Enforcement will always be a last resort, but under these circumstances it was deemed necessary to maintain security in a situation that had grown in hostility.

“No officer should have to come to work and face these conditions. This violence was completely unnecessary and resulted in officers being removed from frontline police and neighboring forces to prevent the mess from escalating, putting increased pressure and strain on our service and pulling resources away from those who may be in desperate need of our help.

“We are reviewing all available evidence and following all investigative leads at our disposal to identify the organizers of this protest as well as those responsible for the assaults on agents. If anyone has any information about it, or about a mobile phone images of the event itself, please contact the police as soon as possible. “

The Greater Manchester force’s investigation into the mess at Old Trafford on Sunday is ongoing.

The protests were a protest by Manchester United supporters unhappy with the club’s 16 years of ownership by the Glazer family and took place two weeks after United’s announcement as a founding member of the now collapsed European Super League.