May 11, 2021

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WrestleMania 37: How Entrance Music Can Help Shape WWE Matches

Days away from WrestleMania 37, WWE Superstar Mark Andrews, who is also a musician, discussed the importance of entryway music and its impact on in-ring performance.

The WWE sports entertainment pop culture extravaganza, taking place on Saturday and Sunday nights coming up, is available for live streaming via WWE Network in the MENA region.

Andrews, who has appeared on shows such as 205 Live and WWE NXT, is a former Tag Team Champion, and he admits that every Superstar dreams of entering WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest event of the year.

“I really thought about the grand entrance to WrestleMania,” says Andrews. “The band is playing, the fireworks go off, everyone’s going crazy, and I’m sure all the wrestlers thought the same because this is the big stage, the biggest of them all. the peak of the year in wrestling and the peak of some people’s careers.

“Whether it’s Triple H entering Motorhead or The Undertaker entering Limp Bizkit, everyone wants this grand entry and there is nothing cooler than a rock band playing your entry music. To mix live music and live wrestling, on the biggest stage of them all, there is nothing better than this, and every wrestler dreams of this grand entrance to WrestleMania.

Andrews, who combines his wrestling career with a passion for music as part of the pop-punk group Junior, is in a unique position in that he performs his own entry-level music, which means he’s well placed to discuss the impact this can have on performance.

“I think entry music is one of the most important things for any wrestler in terms of their whole act. It turns you on before a match and I think whatever turns you on, as you walk into the ring, is going to turn the fans on as well.

“In the past, I’ve gotten into music that I didn’t like, or it didn’t resonate with me, so by the time you get in the ring you feel flat. With my current music, which I’m obviously very much in favor of because I literally sing the song, I’m super excited. Before I get to the curtain I’m excited and the nerves are high, I feel the adrenaline rush and the moment I step in the ring it feels like a huge party for the fans.

“I’m sure every wrestler has their own equivalent, whether it’s like a party or it feels very serious. For example, The Undertaker’s music is some of the most serious in the entire wrestling industry, so it would be weird to see him walk into the ring with something else playing.

“I just think the music is so important because it’s a reason to be excited about the game. For me personally, it makes me horny and makes me feel at home in the ring. “

WrestleMania can be watched live via WWE Network in the MENA region – subscribe to

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