May 14, 2021

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Port Adelaide Power can’t be taken seriously until they win a big game away from home, says Kane Cornes

They won the 2020 minor premier and kicked off the grand final, but Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes says his former club can’t be taken seriously until he wins a real test away from home.

Ken Hinkley’s men are ranked third in the standings and have lost just two of their first seven games of the season, but those losses were due to heavy opposition on the road.

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Power were beaten by West Coast at Perth in the third round, before hiding 49 points from Brisbane at The Gabba on Saturday.

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Port Adelaide have also won only 32% of their away games against the top eight teams since 2017, having won six times and lost 13 games.

Horns says power can’t be seen as a top-four threat or prime minister until he has proven he can pass a litmus test away from Adelaide Oval.

“I was really disappointed (in Port Adelaide’s performance against Brisbane),” Cornes said on Nine’s. Footy Ranked.

“I’m a little emotional, like you do as a former player.

“I just want to look at their record away from home: six wins and 13 losses since 2017. There is a bit of a pattern and there has been a pattern there this year.

“And it’s not just the losses; it’s how they lost to West Coast by 37 (points). They were beaten in this game, in midfield in particular. And the same thing happened. produced against Brisbane, so two good teams, two big failed tests.

“Until they manage to turn the situation around, we cannot take them seriously as the top four candidates for prime minister.”

Key forward Charlie Dixon is one of Port Adelaide’s main concerns.

The former Sun has scored 256 goals in 160 career games, including 34 majors in last year’s reduced season, but he’s had little impact this season.

Dixon has only collected 10 goals in seven games and has been left scoreless three times.

The Queenslander signed a new three-year deal at the age of 29 in September last year, but managed a four-goal harvest just once in his 12 games since, in the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

“They cannot win the post of prime minister if Charlie Dixon continues to play like this,” Cornes said.

“So he’s going to have to turn the tide and find a way.”

At 30, he scored 10 goals. They gave him a three year contract, you know my thoughts on long term contracts at that age.

“He’s like a lot of forwards. When they have little confidence they drop a lot of balls – and he does – and then he misses easy goals … His numbers have fallen off a cliff.”

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