May 14, 2021

Sports Legend

Steven Gerrard and Rangers mark authority throughout Celtic in Scotland

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard
Image credit: Reuters

So who would be a Celtic fan? And who would be a supporter of the Rangers?

After 14 consecutive trophies and a decade of domination, the hoops are complaining. Not about the Aberdeen resurgence. Not about their buddies in the east – Hibernian – but about Glasgow’s old nemesis, the Rangers.

The Men in Blue, under the tutelage of the brilliant Steven Gerrard, have snatched the title east of Glasgow after a tumultuous decade and want to start a party. The trophy is back among the Govan shipyards as the Rangers imposed their authority over their weary neighbors with a 4-1 pounding on Sunday. Celtic people are so used to sweeping silverware in Scotland that there are fans of a certain age who knew nothing else. But now the Rangers are here to stay – again.

You see, many believe that Rangers FC died from monetary cheating and liquidation in 2012, but like it or hate it, the men in blue are at the top, while Celtic are green from desire.

This Sunday kickoff was more than 90 minutes of another Old Firm game. It was a change of guard.

Rangers and Gerrard had already held Celtic’s push for 10 in a row (the most coveted award in football for a Scottish side, with Celtic and Rangers having won nine straight titles so far). Times have really changed. Celtic had won 14 of the 14 trophies to come this season, but they will be left empty-handed this time around, and without a manager after Neil Lennon’s sacking.

On the other side of Glasgow, it’s officially party time (socially left behind, please) as Rangers again ran Celtic to shreds and hit them at Ibrox.

Yes, yes … The Rangers had money problems and were demoted to the bottom of the Scottish leagues. But they’re now the Champions of Scotland for a reason.

Put simply, it’s not just the men on the pitch, it’s the man in the dark suit who’s screaming like he’s kicking every ball.

Steven Gerrard single-handedly turned some also into the dominant Northern UK side. He made them walk through the leagues after breaking the law. He supported them and now has them at the top of Scottish football.

With the exception of Ibrox loyalists, everyone loves to hate the Rangers. But one man – Steven Gerrard – brought them back to the table, not only nationally, but also with brilliant forays into the Europa League.

We all know the legends of Celtic in 1967, Aberdeen in 1983, and Ranger superstars in the 1990s, but hopefully Gerrard could pretty much put together a Ranger squad that could top them all.