May 14, 2021

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Emirati drifter Mohammed Al Mansoori qualifies for 2021 Red Bull Car Park Drift World Championship

Emirati drifter Mohammed Al Mansoori has qualified for the 2021 Red Bull Car Park Drift World Championship. The 30-year-old national secured his place in the tournament’s grand final after claiming victory in the United Arab Emirates qualifiers which took place on Friday April 2 at Souk Al Marfa, Deira Islands, Dubai.

In his Nissan Silvia, Al Mansoori beat 35 other participants to make it to the final round; his next mission is to compete against other national finalists from around the world at the 2021 Red Bull Car Park Drift World Championship, to be held in Cairo, Egypt later this year.

24-year-old Lebanese Amir Mohammad Shehab narrowly missed out on first place. In third place, the winner of the United Arab Emirates in 2019, the Egyptian drifter Ahmed Sameer Al Adl, 34 years old.

Al Mansoori will join last year’s UAE defending champion Mohammad Shaker in Cairo. Shaker, of Jordan, qualified for the world championship in the 2020 UAE qualifiers for the Red Bull Car Park Drift at Dubai Festival City in November.

2021 PANEL

Four big names in the world of motorsport – Jordanian king of drift Ahmad Daham; Emirati motocross champion Mohammed Al Balooshi; The Lebanese Yousif Basil and the Yemeni Wadhah Abdullah Ali – have resumed their functions as judge this year.

Lebanese drift legend and Red Bull athlete Abdo Feghali as event director are also back.

RB (1)

For each lap, the drifters had to expertly navigate a difficult course in Souk Al Marfa – avoiding obstacles along the way. Each competitor was judged according to a set of nine criteria for a total of 400 points.

In terms of score, a maximum of 120 points is allocated for drift skills, while pinball and pendulum challenges represent up to 60 and 50 points, respectively. Meanwhile, car design accounts for 40 points, while tire smoke, car noise, door, and spiral spots each contribute up to 20 points to the score. The final “ box ” – a waterproof enclosure in which the dinghies must make a “ donut ” – is worth 50 points.

Dinghies lose points if they hit obstacles, drift in the wrong direction, or spin their car. Three penalties in one round, and his disqualification!


As the UAE slowly and safely hosts more events in the country, the 2021 Red Bull Car Park Drift has been held under government guidelines. All necessary precautions were taken and the crews and drivers involved all followed strict guidelines in order to participate in this unique opportunity.


Participants (in no particular order):

  • Ahmed Sameer – Egypt (Nissan Silvia)
  • Ayman Bou Fakhereldin – Lebanon (BMW E30)
  • Amir Mohamed Shehab – Lebanon (Nissan 350Z)
  • Quays Al Rifai – Lebanon (Camaro SS)
  • Alaa Tarawneh – Jordan (Toyota 86)
  • Hussain Messelmani – Lebanon (BMW E46)
  • Hamza Khalid Al Ghazzawy – Jordan (BMW E36)
  • Ansari Muhammed Nasser – India (Nissan Silvia S15)
  • Mouneer Hattar – Jordan (BMW E46)
  • Abdulla Al Shehhi – UAE (Nissan Silvia)
  • Jassim Al Naqbi – UAE (Nissan Silvia)
  • Mohammed Al Mansoori – UAE (Nissan Silvia)
  • Yousef Al Herais – UAE (BMW E30)
  • Abdulla Jaafari – Jordan (BMW)
  • Walid Abla – Lebanon (Nissan 350Z)
  • Fahad Abdulatif – India (Toyota Mark)
  • Michael Hazeen – Jordan (BMW E30)
  • Samer Sabeh – Lebanon (BMW)
  • Faisal Alzaabi – UAE (Nissan Silvia)
  • Ziad Khodr – Lebanon (Nissan 350Z)
  • Mahmoud Elfar – Jordan (Nissan 350Z)
  • Raed Alherbawi – Jordan (Nissan Silvia)
  • Ihab Abou Falah – Lebanon (Nissan Silvia)
  • Yazen Al Zubaidi – Iraq (BMW)
  • Noor Daoud – Palestine (Nissan 350Z)
  • Lucas Garrot – France (Mustang)
  • Jordan Vivien Garrot – France (Camaro SS)
  • Viven – France (Nissan R33)
  • Ihab Kadi – Lebanon (Nissan 350Z)
  • Ahmed Al Hussainy – Egypt (Nissan 350Z)
  • Xavier – France (Nissan 350Z)
  • Yousef Al Shamsi – UAE (Nissan Silvia S13)
  • Wassim Al Namel – Lebanon (BMW E36 M3)
  • Fadi Zayed Al Mansoori – Jordan (Nissan Silvia S15)
  • Charl – France (Nissan 350Z)

Visit to keep abreast of the latest news, reports and interviews from the competition. * Due to the pandemic and lockdown measures in most countries, the 2020 Red Bull Car Park Drift series has picked up the events from August 2020 and will extend the series until October 2021. The event dates in each country are updated once approved by local authorities.

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