May 14, 2021

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Rio Ferdinand sends passionate message to Glazers following Man Utd protests

Rio Ferdinand believes the Glazers will be forced to sell Manchester United after fan protests this weekend as the club legend made a passionate appeal to owners under fire.

United’s clash with Liverpool on Sunday was called off when supporters broke into Old Trafford, forcing their way onto the pitch, setting off flairs and vandalizing the pitch.

Thousands of people came to express their demonstration outside the stadium about the failure of the European Super League bid, while fans gathered at the United team hotel to prevent the local team to go to the stadium as several clashed with the police.

The Premier League clash has been postponed, as a result, and will be revamped in due course.

United supporters want the Glazers to leave the club and former defender Ferdinand Reckons will make their wish come true.

Manchester United fans storm Old Trafford pitch
Manchester United fans storm Old Trafford pitch

Speaking on the Vibe with Five podcast, he said, “I think the Glazers are going to sell now, I think they will. It might not be immediate, but I think the uproar. world wants to do well in business, nobody balks anyone who earns a pound. score and earn money, I understand that.

“But where they are now and the amount of emotion and anger doesn’t go away. You could undo it before, we were playing games, winning. This idea of ​​the Super League just rekindled all the bad emotions that were in it. not just Man Utd now, but football in general.

“I sincerely believe now that the Glazers are going to sell and just say ‘you know what we had a good run on this, we’re going to make a huge profit, let’s go, we don’t need this now.’

“For them, it is better for them to sell now.”

Rio Ferdinand believes Glazers will sell Manchester United
Rio Ferdinand believes Glazers will sell Manchester United

Ferdinand was shocked by the scenes on Sunday, but insists he fully understands where the fans are coming from and that they are 100% behind him.

He added: “Like all other football fans [I was] just a little taken aback by what happened.

“Obviously the biggest thing to come out this weekend, Man Utd fans walked into the stadium, there was a march, a protest, and if I look at him as a Man Utd fan, as a football fan, an ex – club player too, i have to say i am with the fans, i cannot be on the other side of the line, i am where the fans are.

“Yes, we don’t want violence. I don’t condone violence at all or any kind of breaking the law, but these fans were pushed aside, pushed aside and said, ‘listen, you’re not a thought, you are not a consideration ”.

“That’s the response you get when things like that happen, when you take control of a club and try to take it away from the fans. You think the fans don’t mean anything, that’s that there is no concern in the world for the Fans.

“You treat them like that, you get a response like this. And what you’ll see is more and more football fans are coming together. I don’t think it’s going to be tribal and people will point out. of the finger Man Utd.

“People can see that it was, almost for me, a criminal act against football, against football fans. Remove their voice. No consideration for them in any way. And you think an apology will be enough, an apology will be enough. work and just undo that stuff and get swept under the rug?

“What these guys did, I think, was absolute freedom. And there would always have been a reaction. If they thought there would just be a thank you and we can move on again, then they’re more detached. realism that I even imagined at the beginning.

“Yeah, we saw all the scenes at the Lowry Hotel, at Old Trafford. If you want to change shape or shape, protests happen, then to be surprised by that is crazy. It was inevitable, considering what happened and the enormity of it.

“I have been Man Utd captain several times, had a good time, won a lot and thought I would stay there and say the fans are wrong here, I can’t . Honestly, hands on heart, and if there is anyone wrong in all of this, it’s the people running the club. They didn’t have their fingers on the pulse, didn’t know the passion behind people who just pay their £ 40 to watch the game. “

When asked to explain his feelings in three or four words, Ferdinand replied “Ashamed, disappointed, emotional.”

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