May 11, 2021

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Billy Joe Saunders vs. Canelo Alvarez “turned off” after ring size dispute

Billy Joe Saunders’ clash with Canelo Alvarez will not take place, according to the Briton’s father.

Saunders was unhappy with the size of the ring during Saturday night’s super middleweight unification clash in Dallas.

He has asked for a 24-foot ring, but his team say Alvarez is unwilling to go past 20 feet.

And Saunders’ dad told iFL TV: “I can’t say they are coming face to face because the issue with the ring has still not been resolved.

“There is nothing in the contract about the size of the ring, it is all about negotiations and the negotiations have failed in a big way.

“Canelo put an 18 foot ring, which I think is an amateur ring, as a fight ring. His plan was to put an 18 foot ring there, knowing we were going to start. [complaining] and he said right, 20 foot ring, that was his game plan.

Billy Joe Saunders' dad claims the fight is over
Billy Joe Saunders’ dad claims the fight is over

“We wanted a 24 foot ring, but we came up with a 22 foot inner ring. Basically they’re trying to take Billy Joe’s legs.

“We’re against everything here and at the end of the day I’m not going to let my son box in a 20-foot ring against the supposed king of boxing pound for pound.

“We spoke to them this morning and they told us it was either a 20 foot ring or book your return flights.

“Unfortunately folks, and we apologize to all the fans, I can’t let my son box in a 20-foot ring against Canelo on the Cinco de Mayo weekend.

“We have given in to a lot of things, but we cannot give in to this. The fight will not be fair … the fight is over.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a late replacement.

Saunders also complained about the judges for Saturday night’s fight after claiming he believed there would be a British official.

The three ringside judges will be fairly neutral and Alvarez has dismissed his rival’s complaint.

“We are in the United States, I am not from here,” he said. “These are not Mexican judges. These are just excuses. Apologies and apologies and apologies. I hope I don’t need the judges.”