May 14, 2021

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HOT OR NOT: Fair play in Swansea City for leading social media boycott

HOT OR NOT: Fair play in Swansea for fighting back against social media giants without worrying about toxic sludge going through their platforms … but it’s been a bad week for the Tokyo Olympics

  • Swansea became the first football club to boycott social media this week
  • Grand chess master’s Hikaru Nakamura and Eric Hansen have been involved in combat
  • Romanian official Octavian Sovre asked for Erling Haaland’s autograph
  • Several events ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer have been canned

It’s hot or not the weather again Sportsmail Riath Al-Samarrai reveals what makes him feel hot and what leaves him cold this week.



It’s been a while since they took the lead of any description, but they’ve shown loyalty to them for being the first to boycott social media for a week.

A number of clubs have weighed the same maneuver but too worried about the financial ramifications, so much the better for Swansea to turn against organizations without worrying about the toxic sludge passing through their platforms.

Swansea City became the first football club to announce a boycott of social media platforms


He didn’t reach his bigger goal of qualifying for the world championships, but at 52 he was still able to get one over his old fall guy Jimmy White.

Three decades of sympathy for White, of course, but he now knows the drill.


A video came out this week of one of the world’s best players, Hikaru Nakamura, engaged in a scramble match on a lawn a few years ago with fellow Grandmaster Eric Hansen.

You can have a cool head about this stuff or you can choose to find it pretty funny.



Do you remember the Iraqi Minister of Information? That everything was going to be okay? It is as if we are returning to this territory.

Swimming qualifiers in Tokyo have just been canned, following the postponement of a water polo test event, a torch relay in Osaka and massive opposition to the Games in Japan.

Everything will be alright.


He’s the kind-hearted linesman who collected Erling Haaland’s autograph from the tunnel the other night to raise money for an autism center.

He was temporarily suspended in his native Romania. Hard? Perhaps. But is it appropriate for an official to ask for favors from a player during a match? Not really.

Romanian linesman Octavian Sovre (left) requested the autograph from Erling Haaland (right)

Romanian linesman Octavian Sovre (left) requested the autograph from Erling Haaland (right)


British athlete Beth Potter is restless as people focus on her shoes after her unofficial and rather confusing 5k world record.

It’s understandable that she doesn’t want her efforts to diminish. But it’s also understandable that we all blame World Athletics for being too weak to control shoe makers, and thus allow a scenario where no one knows what they’re looking at anymore.