May 11, 2021

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Boxing News, Paul Gallen vs Justis Huni, Gal hits back after ‘circus butt fighting’ sleigh

Paul Gallen hit back at fight promoter Dean Lonergan who called the NRL a big “circus bum” ahead of an impending superfight with boxing prodigy Justis Huni.

As Gallen contemplates the biggest test of his boxing career in the form of undefeated 22-year-old Australian Olympic prospect Huni, Lonergan launched a sharp tirade against the Sharks’ first post winner, saving his ability in the ring.

“In the end, Gallen is nothing more than a circus fighting the tramp I’m going to feed to the beast that is Justis Huni. And that’s the dumbest decision he could have made for his life. personal health, ”Lonergan told Wide World of Sports earlier today.

“It’s going to be a long battle in four or five rounds. Paul Gallen is going to question the reason for entering the ring with this guy.”

Never one to take a step back, Gallen hit back straight at the promoter, promising to help him find a job once he bankrupted Huni.

“What I want to say back to Dean is when I beat your prodigy, what do you have left?” Gallen said on WWOS Radio about 2 GB.

“I know he and Matt Rose don’t get along, but I get along well with Matt Rose. Maybe I can get you a job with Matt for a little while, buddy, because you’re gonna need it.

“I’m pretty sure Jeff Horn is done and obviously Huni is your next big thing, your next hope. If I beat him, if he gets beaten by the soccer player, what’s left for you? “

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Gallen also ignored suggestions regarding his boxing ability, pointing out his undefeated record no matter who was ahead of him.

“He called me a tramp? I’ve been treated everything my whole career but I don’t think I’ve ever been called a tramp. I wouldn’t consider myself a tramp,” Gallen said.

“It’s just one of those things in boxing, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

“Here I am a football player converting to boxing. Anyone I fight is never good enough. Now I fight the Australian boxing prodigy and they call me a bum. Everyone was going to kill me. I think I was a $ 5 shot against Mark Hunt.

“Boxing people are allowed to fight bums, so to speak, easy beats as they say, but I can’t fight a bum, which I never do anyway. glass It gets frustrating.

“No matter how old I am, this is how old I feel. He (Huni) hasn’t fought anyone like me, he hasn’t fought anyone who is going to pressure him. He hasn’t fought anyone who hasn’t. is not intimidated by him before entering the ring. “

Gallen also quelled the hysteria over the impending match, ensuring the fight was still far from legally accepted.

“There is still a bit to be done. People are talking about it like it’s done. It’s not over,” said Gallen.

“They’re trying to get me transferred to Brisbane or Queensland now, which isn’t going to happen. It will happen in Sydney, or it won’t.

“Now I have accepted the fight but it’s up in the air because they are difficult to deal with.”

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