May 14, 2021

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Man Utd co-owner Avram Glazer doubles down on refusal to apologize despite fan protests

Manchester United co-executive chairman Avram Glazer has refused to apologize for his family’s role in trying to get the club into the European Super League.

Glazer is the co-chair alongside his brother Joel and the couple are also directors of United and parent company Red Football Limited.

Avram Glazer was approached by a reporter in Florida on Tuesday and asked a host of questions.

Sky News US correspondent Sally Lockwood offered Glazer the opportunity to apologize to supporters and also asked if it was time for the family to sell the club.

Glazer was asked, “Are the fans just customers to you? before Lockwood adds “Are Customers Always Right Mr. Glazer?”

“Nothing to say to Manchester United fans at all, Mr. Glazer?” Lockwood continued. “This is an opportunity for you. Apologies perhaps?

“Are the fans just customers to you, Mr. Glazer?”

Avram Glazer is Manchester United co-chair
Avram Glazer is Manchester United co-chair

But the 60-year-old refused to engage with the reporter and after shopping he left without saying a word to Lockwood.

The son of Malcolm Glazer, Avram graduated from the University of Washington in 1982 with a commerce degree before earning a law degree from the American University of Washington College of Law in 1985.

Between 1995 and 2009, he was President and CEO of Zapata Corporation, a US public company with diverse interests.

Malcolm Glazer’s four sons are directors of United, with Kevin, Bryan and Edward also on the board, but Avram and Joel are the executive co-chairs.

Avram Glazer left without speaking to Sky News reporter Sally Lockwood
Avram Glazer left without speaking to Sky News reporter Sally Lockwood

The Glazer family’s takeover of Manchester United in 2005 was one of the most controversial in football history, as it effected what is known as a ‘leveraged buyout’.

Their £ 790million buyout was funded by debt to be repaid from the company’s future profits.

And that debt has already cost Manchester United nearly £ 1.1bn in interest and debt repayments, according to Bloomberg .

The takeover at the time led to huge protests from supporters and they continued to voice their concerns.

But fan fury reached a new level in April when the Glazer family and United executive vice president Ed Woodward attempted to get the club into the proposed European Super League.

Manchester United fans broke into Old Trafford in protest on Sunday
Manchester United fans broke into Old Trafford in protest on Sunday

In the statement released at the time, Joel Glazer was on the European Super League vice-president’s list and United were seen as one of the biggest supporters of the proposals.

However, two days later the six English clubs involved made a dramatic U-turn following widespread criticism and anger from the vast majority involved in the game on these coasts.

While European Super League plans may be dead in the water for now, United fans have not stopped their protests and on Sunday the Red Devils’ game with Liverpool had to be postponed after hundreds of fans broke into Old Trafford.

You can find out more about the events here .