May 11, 2021

Sports Legend

Canberra Raiders confirm Josh Hodgson has resigned as captain

Canberra star Josh Hodgson has confirmed he has stepped down as Raiders captain as reports tie him to a possible move to Brisbane.

Speculation swirled around Hodgson this week amid a developing crisis in the nation’s capital, with Joseph Tapine’s wife publicly attacking Ricky Stuart, homesick England half-back George Williams and backing from arms Josh Papalii sitting at a game because he was falling “flat”.

“I made the decision to step down as club captain and informed the team a few weeks ago,” Hodgson said in a statement released by the Raiders.

“I’ve been injured the last two games and I’ve worked hard to get back on the training ground. I’m sure I’ll be ready to play again when we face the Bulldogs next weekend.

“I can assure everyone that I remain fully engaged with the club and look forward to getting back to 100% in shape and helping the team get their season back on track.

“I know internally we are all working extremely hard to make a difference and the playgroup and staff are fully committed to each other and to the club.”

Elliott Whitehead has been promoted and club co-captain alongside Jarrod Croker.

The Raiders have also confirmed reports that Williams is struggling halfway around the world from his home.

“The Raiders will continue to provide George and his partner with all the support they need, and George has confirmed he remains committed to the club,” the statement said.

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