May 14, 2021

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IPL 2021: From Varun Chakravarthy to Sandeep Warrier to Amit Mishra – How the virus traveled

(This story originally appeared in May 05, 2021)

From Varun Chakravarthy to Sandeep Warrier to Amit Mishra, the dreaded Covid-19 virus has slipped from camp to camp as BCCI protocols on social distancing saw minor but negligent violations last week.

With the GPS tracking device (FOB) described as “ faulty ” by franchises, teams and the board of directors worked on manual contact tracing to understand how Covid shattered the bio-bubble.

Chakravarthy was rushed to hospital last week. While official reports say it was for a shoulder scan, connoisseurs say the melon had inflammation of the abdomen, after which he returned to the team’s hotel in Ahmedabad and went sits down for a meal with Warrier. It was May 1st.


Both players later traveled with the rest of the squad to practice, where Chakravarthy complained about not feeling well. The player was isolated in the masseur’s room as Warrier made his way to practice, where the Delhi Capitals’ net session also took place.

Here’s where BCCI thinks the breach happened, as the workouts – from KKR and Delhi Capitals – ended up being scheduled at the same time. Warrier met Amit Mishra, the leg thrower during the nets and the two cricketers chatted for a while before going their separate ways.

Mishra returned to the team hotel after practice and complained about not feeling well. It was at this point that the centrifuge was also put into isolation and other tests were carried out.

The franchises then worked on a daily testing routine to identify if any other positive cases emerged and concluded that the rest of the camp was negative.