The Paul Sherwen project launches to perpetuate the legacy of its namesake

Before his unexpected death, Paul Sherwen was recognized around the world for his coverage of the Tour de France.

What people may not have known was his connection to Uganda and his love for the Karamoja people, which began when Sherwen’s father accepted a job in the country as a child.

Sherwen continued to return to Uganda after starting his cycling career, distributing bicycles to children and training them in bicycle mechanics, and chairing the Uganda Conservation Foundation. He even ran bike safaris to boost tourism in the area.

“Paul was not only a former professional cyclist who rode the Tour de France seven times, but was also an conservationist and close friend and inspiration to the Karamoja people of Uganda,” said its broadcast partner, Phil Liggett, said in a statement. “He spoke to them in fluent Swahili and was considered a friend and mentor to this traditional community.

From now on, Sherwen’s legacy will continue in Uganda with the launch of the Paul Sherwen Project.

For more than two years, a group of people, funded by donations from fans around the world, have started the program to help loved ones and also continue to fund The Paul Sherwen Classic, a cycling race now in its third year. . .

The project was officially launched on the eve of 108e edition of the Tour de France in June 2021. With the help of donations, an education center will be launched to give young Ugandan women a safer start in life. Other projects will follow.

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The Paul Sherwen Project Launches To Carry On The Legacy Of Its Namesake Originally As Appeared On

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