US Open: Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau – Why Everyone’s Talking About Golf’s New Rivalry

A music video of Koepka losing his mind “hearing that bulls ** t” as DeChambeau walked behind him in the middle of an interview went viral at the PGA Championship in May.

And that’s how a new template for the next viral meme was born, with the most willing user being NFL superstar and seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.

The 43-year-old quarterback trolled DeChambeau as they announced their involvement in upcoming “The Match III” – alongside Phil Mickelson and Aaron Rodgers – with a series of memes aimed at the 2020 US Open winner .

The feud between Koepka and DeChambeau continued to simmer. Fans heckled DeChambeau at the memorial tournament, shouting “Brooksie” as he walked past, and was reportedly kicked out of the event as a result.
Then Koepka posted a video offering free beer to all spectators kicked out of the memorial tournament for heckling DeChambeau.

Koepka says he thinks the rivalry could be good for golf.

“The fact that golf is on pretty much all media for about two weeks on a fairly regular basis, I think that’s a good thing,” Koepka told reporters at a press conference ahead of the Palmetto Championship in Congaree. . “It makes the game grow.

“The younger generation – I get the traditionalists who don’t agree with that. I understand that, but I think in order to develop the game you have to reach out to the younger generation, and I think that’s what. that – I don’t I mean it is – but it touches a whole bunch of people.

“It’s putting golf in front of people.”

DeChambeau is not opposed to it either.

“I think it’s fun,” he said at his pre-US Open press conference. “There is a time when this is a good joke.

“Personally, I love it. I think over time I hope this weekend we can play against each other and compete. I think it would be fun and great for the game.”

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Koepka and DeChambeau attend the launch of the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship.


Rivalries between golfers are not uncommon. There was Arnold Palmer versus Jack Nicklaus and, more recently, Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson.

But the age of social media has really helped amplify the Koepka-DeChambeau feud.

The initial clip of Koepka’s frustration with DeChambeau was an excerpt from a Golf Channel interview that leaked on social media.

Memes exchanged between players amplified tensions, with DeChambeau posting a photo of Koepka with a smaller image of himself on his Instagram story saying he was living “rent-free” in the head of the four-time winner.

Their exchanges on social networks allowed fans to like, comment and give their opinion on the spat. And following the recent announcement of the PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program (PIP) designed to reward players who positively drive fan and sponsor engagement, DeChambeau is not afraid to be involved.
“I think golf is changing; it’s changing, so there’s going to come a point where it’s going to be like that, and if I’m the person who takes the biggest hit and whatever, you know, great,” DeChambeau said. after the memorial tournament. “I’m glad there are more conversations about me because of the PIP fund.”
The PIP will reward the top 10 most popular players based on a composite score of their media exposure from a reported fund of $ 40 million.
And Koepka himself does not regret the appearance of the video. “I don’t mind, honestly,” he said.

“I agree with everything I do. I don’t really live with regrets. There is nothing that really angers me. Of all the people I have spoken to, this is what this is. is and move on. “

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Koepka plays his stroke from the 17th tee in the first round of the Palmetto Championship.

Have no effect

With the rivalry taking off on social media, entertainment fans cheered on the two gaming giants.

That’s why, with the US Open starting Thursday at Torrey Pines, some were calling for a duo Koepka and DeChambeau on the opening day of the third major of the season.

Although the pair were separated for the first two rounds, as two of the best players in the game, the duo could both be included in the U.S. squad for the upcoming Ryder Cup in September.

The hotly contested semi-annual US vs Europe competition, which was delayed from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, takes place at Whistling Straits.

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DeChambeau plays his shot from the 14th tee in the first round of the Memorial Tournament.

However, when asked if he thought their feud might be a distraction for the 12-man squad, Koepka poured cold water on the idea.

“I don’t see why that would,” he said. “There are only eight guys playing [and] four guys are seated, whatever. I mean, I’m playing with another guy.

“Let’s say I don’t play with Bryson or Bryson don’t play with me; he takes care of his game, and I would take care of my game, and I don’t know how that affects. off the golf course has no effect on the golf course.

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