CM Punk shoots WWE who doesn’t pay Peacock royalties

CM Punk has moved away from the world of professional wrestling and has taken on many different roles and projects. The Second City Savior is also a man many WWE fans would love to return to, if only to chat with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The Texas Rattlesnake Broken Skull sessions lit up many fans’ social media feeds. Some fans would love to see CM Punk take a deep dive with Austin, but that doesn’t happen while the same royalty system is in place.

A fan asked Punk in a recent Q&A if he would do a Broken Skull Sessions. The answer is “no”, and it had everything to do with money.

Money. No one receives royalties for anything shown on peacock. Nobody. Yay biz wrestling!

CM Punk knows how to get a good deal and he doesn’t work for free. He also doesn’t appreciate others making money from his work when he doesn’t see a dime. Obviously, as a former WWE Superstar, he knows exactly what that looks like.

What do you think of CM Punk on the Broken Skull Sessions? Could this be an epic three-part episode? Sound off in the comments!

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