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The Bermuda 1-2 is a small crew ocean race between Newport, RI and St. George’s, Bermuda. The sailors left Newport solo and completed their first solo leg in Bermuda. Once there, they have time to do the repairs and get some sleep, collect their crew member, and return to Newport in the second leg of the doubles race. 23 boats started at Newport in foggy and windy conditions that lit up just as they approached Bermuda.

The fleet is now back in Newport, with the first boat – Dragon, a Class 40 skippered by Michael Hennessy – just around 120 miles from the finish with Kiwi Spirit II, another Class 40 skippered by Stanley Paris, just on its hip.

The fleet is made up of several boat brands including the competitive Class 40, J / 105, J / 109, Hanse 415 and many more – proving that this race encourages boats and sailors from all walks of life to compete.

As the crews approached the Gulf Stream, it was a windy, bumpy night with most boats reporting that they sailed well with reefs and seeing winds up to 30. Some crews are crossing the Gulf Stream, while that others have yet to tackle – it will be a few hundred interesting miles for the fleet as they approach Newport.

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