National selection record – Ali Daei claims two more goals than Ronaldo

Even if he judges that “It doesn’t matter anymore”Iranian Ali Daei considers himself the only holder of the record for national goals scored. He claimed to have two units more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Iranian Alai Daei in his country’s jersey.

By signing a brace against France (2-2), on the third day of Group F of Euro 2020, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (109 goals, 175 caps), became tied top scorer in selection with Ali Daei. Corn, according to the latter, there is erhur in the count. The Iranian claims to have scored two goals against Afghanistan that were not taken into account.

The former Bayern Munich player with 149 selections is therefore, until then, as the only record holder with, according to his calculation, 111 units to his credit. However, he does not make a scandal of it: “It doesn’t matter anymore. Because of the way Cristiano plays and his level of form I’m sure he will score a lot more goals. “

He adds : “I firmly believe that Ronaldo deserves to achieve this record. For a player like him, reaching my record is a record like any other. It is a source of pride. “

Ronaldo: “Thank you Ali Daei”

Portugal faces Belgium in the round of 16 of the Euro, this Sunday, June 27. And in case of qualification, the Seleção could play three more games (quarter, semi-final and final). Four opportunities for Ronaldo (36) to remove doubts and permanently erase Ali Daei from the record books.

With five goals, the former Real Madrid player is currently at the top of the scorers table for the European tournament. When he was named corecordman for selected goals with Ali Daei, the latter congratulated him. Attention to which the five-time Ballon d’Or responded warmly on Instagram: “Real champions are champions forever. I am so proud to read these words from an idol like you. Thank you Ali Daei. “

The Iranian’s reaction to his tour: “I think it is very humble of her to remember me in this way, I am very grateful.”


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