Dota 2 News: SG e-sports claims the qualification place for the International 10 for South America

South America’s closed playoffs for The International 10 have come to an end, with SG e-sports becoming the 14th team to claim a ticket to the year’s biggest tournament after an impressive run to the top bracket.

The SA qualifiers delivered the unexpected. Few were ready to see both SG e-sports and Team Unknown fight for the final ticket for TI10 up for grabs in the region. Both teams had struggled through the seasonal leagues of the Dota Pro Circuit, with SG e-sports one point away from relegation while Team Unknown placed 7th, falling to the bottom division.

However, they both delivered the upheavals in the final battle for TI10. SG e-sports achieved an almost perfect top support run. Lose a single match until the grand final. In the bottom bracket, Team Unknown knocked out the main favorites, NoPing Esports, and also beat BINOMISTAS and Infinity Esports with clear 2-0 wins to reach the grand final.

The act of the best-of-five grand final began with a fine display of aggressiveness and coordination from the unknown team who, although playing a Specter carry, supposedly secured them the end-of-game scenario, forced SG e-sports at a high rate. Specter opted for the early, hasty construction of the Blade Mail item and started using it just seven minutes into the match. After 15 minutes, Unknown was already leading 10-1 on the scoreboard and taking the goals with ease, Dragon Knight still turning to keep the pressure on the laps.

Their aggressiveness was matched by SG e-sports in the second game of the series with a Slark beast mode coming from Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costábile and clutch plays from Adriano from Paula “4dr” Machado on Magnus, and Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel on Death Prophet, both still offering the added control and damage to maintain Slark stacks while hitting powerful cores such as Bristleback and Medusa.

Costabile was also the key factor in SG e-sports’ crucial victory in Game 3.

His Ax carry foiled and outlasted the Ghost-DK-Ember spirit of Unknown and once again. Activated from behind by his team, he reached nearly 50,000 net worth, making Unknown’s team-fighting efforts with Winter Wyvern and Nyx Assassin ensuring perfect setups, not to count at all.

After two straight games where they had Costabile’s back, in the last game of the series, Tavo on Timbersaw and 4dr on a Mid Batrider took the spotlight using their initiation tools to the fullest to ensure a complete victory for the 4-1 reverse sweep for their team.

SG e-sports wants to join coast of the beasts and Thunder Predator at TI10, this is the first time South America will be represented at the biggest Dota 2 tournament with three teams.

With the end of TI10 qualifiers for South America and Eastern Europe, the focus will be on Southeast Asia and North America, with both regions scheduled to start their competitions on June 30. .

Title photo courtesy of SG e-sports via Twitter

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