Chunk, the golden retriever, found swimming in Barnegat Bay after missing for two weeks

NEW JERSEY – Chunk, a missing golden retriever, has been recovered.

The 3-year-old rescue dog was back home and comfortable on his couch Tuesday night, unlike Barnegat Bay in New Jersey where he was found earlier in the morning.

“Two women jogging saw him, they tried to approach him, but he ran away from them and jumped into the water. They then reported a man in a boat fishing nearby, ”said owner Marie Zangara.

It was then that the rescue mission began.

“We positioned our boat and prepared the line, put the line around the dog and tied it to the docks,” said Ryan Koehler, the New Jersey state soldier.

After some teamwork, the NJ State soldiers and fishermen managed to get Chunk safely to the shore where his owners and another golden retriever buddy, “Rylee,” were waiting.

Before Tuesday’s meeting, Chunk was gone for two weeks.

Marie and Jim Zangara have put up posters all over Ocean County and on social media.

“I thought he had been hit by a car or stranded somewhere he couldn’t get out or that someone had even taken him,” Zangara said.

The last place they expected to find him was swimming in a bay.

Now that Chunk is back home with his family, the Zangaras have said they could enjoy the outdoors together again after he gets a good rest.

They will also monitor him more closely so that he does not wander away.

“To see him today, we were just delighted,” the family said.

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