Shahid Afridi fights for the relatives of the victims of the PK-8303 air crash

Shahid Afridi.
Shahid Afridi.

Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to compensate relatives of those who died in the PK-8303 plane crash.

The versatile swashbuckler posted a tweet in which he can be seen meeting relatives of the victims of the tragic plane crash.

“The families of the victims of the PIA 8303 plane crash are already bearing the loss of their loved ones. Failure to pay the contributions further worsens their situation,” wrote Afridi.

“Asking Arshad Malik, @Official_PIA @ImranKhanPTI to look into this matter and help ease their pain,” he added.

More than a year has passed since the tragic crash of PIA flight PK-8303 in Karachi, which left 97 people dead on board as two passengers miraculously survived.

On May 22, 2020, the PIA plane crashed in a residential area near Model Colony in the Malir district of Karachi after losing its engines. The PK-8303 tragedy became the third most catastrophic air disaster in the country’s history.

During the unfortunate flight, the pilots made a first attempt to land and the aircraft briefly touched down on several occasions, before attempting to land a second time.

The report had indicated that the cause of the accident was not a malfunction of the plane, but due to the negligence of the pilots and the air traffic controllers.

A month after the crash, Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan presented the interim investigation report into the PIA plane crash to the National Assembly.

Sarwar said the conversation between the pilot and the air traffic controllers was recorded and he heard it himself.

Sarwar said the initial report said there were no technical faults with the aircraft and even the pilot said the same in his conversation with the air traffic controllers.

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