Why are we turning our backs on expatriate wallabies?

Peter Allen was one of our great singer-songwriters – I pull out the handkerchief every time “Tenterfield Saddler” is on the radio.

Liza Minelli may have been a bit slow on the game plan, but she was also pretty okay for a while.

So if we’ve put down the red carpet for ‘The Sequined One’ every time he brought out the white piano in Oz, why do we treat our rugby players like they killed their grandmothers when they did? were playing abroad?

Can anyone explain to me why it is more difficult to have a good Australian expat in the park for a test than Meghan Markle having tea with the Queen?

I’ll just ask a question of the vast audience of Wallabies fans who grew up, like me, when Johnny Warren was a household name: where would the Socceroos be if they had Rugby Australia’s policy for their round ball game?

I can tell you. As the great Bazza McKenzie once said in London, they would shake hands with the unemployed.

Give these honest workers a chance. If they stuff their mouths with sushi rather than a Sargent pie while trying to earn a pound, are we poorer as a nation?

If they move from Las Vegas to Blacktown we might be able to get the next Pater Allen to stay here, but if the boys want to buy Woy Woy a decent fibro for the tribe, assuming you can still find some. one, give them a chance to earn money and play for their country for ten years to play top level rugby.

If you’re good enough you’ll be a show with me when I’m a coach.

Of course, by then hell will have frozen over, the North Sydney Bears will be NRL Title Specials and Donald Trump will be called Old Baldy!

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