Dota 2 News: Fnatic goes to The International 10

The South East Asia qualifiers for The International 10 concluded the same way the whole tournament played out. Fnatic pushed the series to a decisive fifth game after being down 2-0 by TNC Predator.

Fnatic’s reverse sweep on TNC Predator was accompanied by exuberant matches, where both teams delivered breathtaking games giving their fans an unforgettable clash.

Fnatic was severely criticized in the first game of the series by TNC who crushed them with a Templar Assassin and an undisputed Ursa. The match took place in 36 minutes, which is very short for the usual length of SEA qualifying matches. Fnatic only managed 8 kills, and most of them were on TNC media and had no impact on the course of the game. Before the next game, Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte tore Fnatic up again, but with a Phantom Assassin with the Scepter and Shard build of Aghanim. Having the terrible right click damage of PA enhanced by a supportive defense and a Death Prophet to slice through buildings, TNC was able to outperform Fnatic’s Luna – Leshrac – Dragon Knight push strategy. Not even a lucky five stomping on a neutral Centaur could help Fnatic in this game and with a point after losing the TI10 qualifying grand final Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto and co were forced to bring their game to the next level. ‘as.

They did that in Game 3, with what appears to be an unbeatable base duo this patch. Together, Terrorblade and Death Prophet make team fights nearly impossible for the opposing team to conduct while both have their ultimates in place. While they got this exact duo for themselves, Fnatic made sure to ban all of Gabbi’s iconic heroes and forced TNC to adapt with last-choice morph.

TNC had to play Morph in a Lion pick of Fnatic in addition to the silence provided by DP and an offlane Pangolier, whose only mission was to keep Gabbi stunned while he was busted by the rest of the team.

The first victory of the series for Fnatic marks the downfall of TNC. The former had the first pick in Game 4 and got Lion and Terrorblade in the first round of the draft, while denying TNC to have both TA and Broodmother. Fnatic bans once again targeted Gabbi, removing the table Phantom Lancer, Faceless Void and Arc Warden. With few options to face the TB, Gabbi tried to save the day with a Medusa, but it forced his team to sacrifice all other avenues to protect him and in the end they lost the match as they didn’t. had not enough sustain and no real lining before.

With the series pushed to a fifth game, TNC already looked defeated on various levels. The fatigue of a long day, since they had to play the two finals of the lower bracket, where BOOM Esports got them into a grueling hour-long game, three could have impacted them as well. The loss in Game 4 also seemed to have hit their morale as TNC was unable to counter Fnatic’s top pick Ax and lost their chance to go to TI10.

Fnatic will represent South East Asia at The International 10 alongside T1, who are the only team in the region to have secured a spot at the biggest event of the year via Dota Pro Circuit points.

Three other regions have yet to decide their qualifying winners until we know the full roster for TI10. The North American Grand Finals will be played later today on July 3, then Europe and China will kick off their qualifying campaigns starting July 7 and ending on the 10th of the month.

title photo courtesy of ONE Esports

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