Euro 2020: homecoming hurts English fans the most in Rome after victory against Ukraine

Four PCR tests, four goals and a headache. It was worth it as I was one of the many English fans waking up on Sunday and wondering if everything was true.

Have we really held the last four Ukraine? Did we really win 4-0? Have we really kept another blank sheet? Did I really arrive on time for my flight?

It was worth seeing scruffy English fans singing ‘It’s Coming Home’ at 8am as the dust settled again after the famous result at the Stadio Olimpico near the famous Colosseum.

For all the Covid-19 protocol that one has to follow just to get on a plane, all is forgiven when you come home with a bag full of memories – from the fountain dance to the stadium jubilation – that can never be erased or overcome. I might not have grandchildren yet (I’m only 25) but I know what we’ll be talking about when the time comes.

England is so close to realizing the unimaginable now, we can dare to dream. Well, let’s sleep first. Next stop Wembley and the Danish outsiders. We haven’t even bit our nails in a penalty shootout yet. I guess it must be next. Okay, after passport control at Heathrow …

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