In another Yankees meltdown, no mercy from the Mets or the home crowd

Aroldis Chapman, who made a save for the fourth time in his last nine chances, heard it when he was taken out of the game. He was leading 5-4 in the seventh inning, but Pete Alonso scored on the left and then the Mets scored five more runs. The loss was only two games away from a similar disaster at the hands of the Los Angeles Angels, who scored seven points in the ninth – including a grand slam against Chapman – for a comeback victory.

Pitcher Gerrit Cole, who signed a nine-year, $ 324 million contract with the Yankees ahead of the 2020 season, also heard boos, as did Boone, when he stepped out to remove Cole three and one-third times. of his departure.

“You sign up when you come here,” Cole said. “It’s not a good feeling and you’re trying to throw well enough that it doesn’t happen.”

Yankees fans haven’t been in a lenient mood lately, and for good reason. It’s the middle of the season, and New York baseball is all upside down. The Mets, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2016, extended their lead over Atlanta to four games in the National Eastern League, while the Yankees questioned whether they should call for surrender and swap players. before the July 30 trade deadline, like they did in 2016, or maybe find a new manager.

The only Yankees team to recover from at least nine games behind on July 4 to win the division was the illustrious 1978 team, which ultimately lost 14 games back and caught up with the Red Sox all the same. But it took one of the most memorable recoveries in baseball history to make it happen, and this team weren’t hitting around 0.500 on July 4. She had a relatively healthy 45-34 record that day, but the impatient Steinbrenner was still replacing manager Billy Martin. with Bob Lemon. The Yankees won the World Series.

Some of those booed fans want Hal Steinbrenner, son of George Steinbrenner and managing general partner of the Yankees, to do the same, and they chanted “Fire Boone” last week at Yankee Stadium, to let him know. Some of them might argue that GM Brian Cashman should be held accountable as well.

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