This Diaz Diamond, buried in Argentina early Wednesday

What do you do with something intensely valuable that remains buried deep in a heap? After seeing Italy pass Spain on penalties and penalties three hours before, a Copa America semi-final between Argentina and Colombia was meant to be more of a test of spectator endurance than aesthetic hope. But there you have it, the lotus in the mud on Wednesday morning.

Colombia’s dominance, especially in the first half of the second half of the game, was written in big terms at Mane Garrincha
step in
Brasilia. Luis Diaz, playing in midfield as if equipped with a minesweeper, faced Argentina quadrant by quadrant, ball by ball, even after an assisted goal from Lautero Martinez Messi put Colombia behind in the 7e minute.

In the 61st minute, the eye, less cloudy but still a little blurry, followed the ball leaving its long trajectory after Juan Cuadrado took a free kick in the Colombian half, while simultaneously following the Diaz running down the left flank , balloon attached to the feet and saw ball and man connect. The physical form of the Argentine defender German Alejo
Pezzella quickly converged with Diaz and Ball, sticking to him like a heavy anti-shadow, then shouldering the little man in the Colombian yellow down.

The next thing we recorded – if taking note had a specific pleasure point – was Diaz and the ball at his feet scattered in opposite directions of the goal line, well, almost. The man had fallen behind the line, the ball had sunk into the Argentinian net at an insane angle that would have forced Euclid to stand up.

I remember a goal from Sami Nasri against Tottenham Hotspurs in April 2011. But Nasri struggled against his own momentum, before sliding the ball 90 degrees into the lower left corner. For Diaz, it wasn’t just the momentum, but the mass of Pezzella. And yet he found the quick-closing lock gates of the goal at a rapidly disappearing angle.

With Argentina finally winning on penalties, Emiliano Martinez the hero of the day, and Colombia set off to fight another Copa another day, this Diaz diamond is buried in the heap of a defeat in Colombia and of an Albiceleste Wednesday.

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