Outdoor-ready training sneakers: Nano X1 Adventure

Reebok recently released the Nano X1 Adventure shoes, which come with advanced features that improve comfort and control. The training shoes available in men’s and women’s styles contain Floatride energy foam, which provides ultra-responsive cushioning in the forefoot. The Nano X1 Adventure’s outsole has a ridged design that increases traction on a variety of surfaces. In addition, the ripstop fabric of the shoe gives it a feeling of lightness while giving it resistance to wear.

The Nano X1 Adventure shoes effortlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments. Versatile shoes are the perfect companion for sports consumers who need shoes to follow their active lifestyle. The Nano X1 Adventures shoes are available in three multi-tone colourways, with the grayscale color scheme being unisex.

Image Credit: Reebok

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