Ferdinand Coly: “Italy had a winning cocktail”

Source analysis do you make the Euro final between Italy and England?

Italians have cold picked. Taking a but after 2 minutes of play is indeed very unsettling. In the first 20 minutes the Italian players seemed lost, overwhelmed. The English pushed at the start of the match and I could even score a second goal. Unfortunately, they don’t have the ascendancy they had to knock out their opponents

Little by little, Italy began to regain possession of the ball, to go out and be dangerous. England did not know whether to keep attacking or to wait. That’s the danger when you lead 1-0 very early in a final. Attacking or playing a counterattack. They were between two chairs. And that’s when Italy started to regain confidence.

Given his offensive potential, was this the right approach, this wait-and-see attitude from England?

We must not forget that the English were playing at home, at Wembley. Obviously, there was the enthusiasm of an audience that pushed them at times to play forward. It’s normal and that’s what they were able to do for the first 15, 20 minutes. Afterwards, we saw Italy start to organize. The players spoke to each other and the coach (Mancini) became more active.

England did not know whether to attack or wait. This is the danger when we arrive very early in a final.

Italy has given up its Catenaccio identity in this Euro for a more playful playing philosophy …

This Italian team remains on a 33-game unbeaten streak. It was a long process from a team that did not come as a surprise. We knew she was dangerous. I had warned at the start of the Euro. I said : “Pay attention to Italy“. There is an amalgam of young talents that will emerge with in particular Chiesa. The latter had a very good season at Juve. When we see Chiellini, the match he makes, the determination, the commitment, the experience he has in certain phases of the game … it’s a lesson to say that at 36, 37 years old, everything is a question. determination. And there I say bravo to the coach who has trusted his old guard.

Bravo to the youth who knew how to listen to these elders. It makes a winning cocktail. The victory of Italy is also the victory of a collective. And the first lesson is the star serving the collective and not the collective serving the star.

What did England miss in this final?

We must not forget that these players are coming out of an extremely long and difficult season. On a view of tired players. But what we remember is that the collective made the difference. Italy played collectively. She did indeed race England. And in the end, we saw the English unable to control their game. We must also pay tribute to this English team who had a magnificent course.

England had leaders in their squad like Harry Kane, Sterling who played his part. There is Maguire behind who was very good, the goalkeeper (Jordan Pickford) also played his part. I think they’re a good team, which has been consistent throughout the tournament. It has gained momentum. And unfortunately it was played on the penalty.

“Football Italy is rebuilding itself. This victory at the Euro will boost the championship. “

You played in the English and Italian leagues …

I spent 6 years in Italy. It’s very difficult football when you arrive. You have a hard time controlling. I am happy to see Italy football again in the foreground. Because it is a sports policy that has been reviewed. On one of the redeemed Italian clubs. Funds have been invested as is the case at Inter.

We also see players like Romelu Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo joining Calcio. It reflects a desire to bring this football back to the fore. Football Italy is being rebuilt. And this victory of the national team will boost the championship.

What is your assessment of this Euro 2020?

It’s been a long tournament for the players. I think of the players because when you come out of such a long season to follow up with a European Championship… Whatever happens, it’s a more than positive result. We must not forget that we are in the context of a Covid pandemic.

Seeing the supporters again in the stadiums is a pleasure. But behind, on assistance with the resurgence of the virus. Football without supporters is not football, it’s sad.

Which player has marked you the most in this tournament?

I was impatient to see how all of Chiesa evolve, whom I followed at Juventus. At the beginning, he was not titular with the Nazionale (selection of Italy). And with his talent, obviously, he was able to win easily and be one of the stars of this Euro with his quality of play. Frankly, I admit that he is a player that I really liked.

Afterwards, there are quite a few others like goalkeeper Italy (Gianluigi Donnarumma). After that, I don’t want to mention only the Italians (laughs). But the Italy goalkeeper is one of the players who impressed me. Even if on the already known. He was also named best player of the tournament. Such a distinction for a corn keeper is very rare. It’s a great overall success and football is making progress. What should be remembered from all of this is the collective before the individual. It is collection that matches win. Unless you have an exceptional talent like Messi or Ronaldo.

Moustapha M. SADIO

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