DK Metcalf hits out in 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball game, reminding us that hitting is tough

A very wise and very good baseball player once said, “It’s hard to hit.

DK Metcalf is a freak athlete, we know that. The Seahawks wide catcher recently tried to enter the Olympics as a 100-meter runner, and had a strong performance despite missing the cup.

Fast forward to the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game in Denver, an event that features the devious athleticism of guys we don’t expect – like actor Kevin James – and low-light moments, like this. that we saw from Metcalf on Monday night.

Metcalf shockingly hit during the celebrity softball game, with musician Quavo fanning him across four courts, which is certainly an odd line to type and read in 2021.

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While there is certainly no shame in taking it away, Metcalf was the only celebrity to breathe during the contest. In his defense, that first strike seemed a bit on the outside. (Robo Umps now!)

Baseball (or softball) is extremely difficult, even when you are a professional athlete of Metcalf caliber. The Seahawks’ gap had fun with fans and watchers inciting on Monday.

Put it back next year.

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