Me Augustin Senghor is seeking and 4th term at the head of the FSF

The submission of candidatures for the presidency of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) was completed this weekend. President of the body for 12 years and also 1he Vice-President of CAF, Me Augustin Senghor decided to run for a 4e mandate. Three other candidates will try to block his path on August 7, the date of the elective general assembly.

Will Me Augustin Senghor be the president of the FSF for the 4 years? Ten days ago, one would have thought not because he himself had settled the issue four years ago. In 2017, in fact, at the time of his campaign for a 3e mandate, the manager had ensured: “The texts do not prevent me from representing myself. Maize for my part, by request and 3e mandate which will be my last because I believe that the corn is close and we must mark it together ”.

Four years later, he changed his mind. However, the lawyer for the profession has not said so publicly. He and his entourage have indeed found a subterfuge. Last week, a college of club presidents took charge of preparing their file and submitting their candidacy to the Electoral Committee. And so his turnaround passes as a letter in the mail.

Saer Seck, Mbaye Dia and Mady Touré, challengers of Me Senghor

In front of him, Me Augustin Senghor should have three challengers if their candidacy is of course validated by the Electoral Committee. Among these three candidates, there is Saer Dièye Seck, current 1he vice-president of the FSF and president of the Senegalese Professional Football League (LSFP). In 2017, was sort of Senghor’s Campaign Director. Several meetings have also taken place in the premises of his academy, the Diambars Institute. Besides Saer Seck who was the last to apply, there is Mbaye Diouf Dia.

A retired customs officer, during the first two mandates of Me Augustin Senghor, he held the post of president of the Youth Football Commission. He is currently president of Mbour PC (L1 Senegal) and had finished second in the poll four years ago. Finally, the last candidate is the one who first declared his desire to succeed the current 1he vice-president of CAF. It is Mady Toure, President of the Génération Foot Academy. This is the second time he has run for office after 2013.



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