Brooks Koepka explains why he won’t give up on feud with Bryson DeChambeau

“You tell your man if he has something to say, tell it myself,” was how Koepka described DeChambeau’s remarks to Elliott, adding: “I thought it was ironic because ‘it went straight to Ricky. “

Soon after, Koepka emerged from the locker room.

“Ricky told me when I got out, then I just walked over to him, we had a conversation,” Koepka said. “We both agreed that we would pull away from each other and not talk to each other – just let him die.”

But apparently it didn’t end there. Koepka said DeChambeau mentioned his name – breath! – by playing online video games.

“Said a few things,” Koepka explained. “So now it’s a fair game.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, DeChambeau said on Tuesday that he didn’t remember anything about meeting Koepka.

“I don’t know what he’s talking about in this regard,” he said. “Maybe it’s mine.”

DeChambeau continued, “We just had a conversation that I really don’t know what happened because we haven’t really joked so far. So it’s like, ‘Why is this happening now?’ “

DeChambeau adjusted his golf cap and offered a half-smile.

“On top of that, I’m just here to play golf,” he said.

Still, he added one last thought, suggesting he didn’t necessarily want the gossip to end.

“If we want to keep joking, obviously we have to be respectful and keep the lines where they aren’t crossed,” said DeChambeau. “Yeah, I think it’s fun and a good environment for golfers.”

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