AEW All Out presale reportedly sold out

The AEW All Out presale has reportedly been sold out.

AEW went on sale today and seats for the pay-per-view sold out instantly, according to Dave meltzer. @WrestleTix adds that all the presale tickets for All Out have sold out, as have the trio tickets for the other shows taking place that week. It was also noted that individual tickets for the Dynamite and Rampage shows are still available on presale.

AEW is expected to put more tickets on sale tomorrow to the general public.

A hot topic on social media last night was that fans were anticipating the race for tickets this morning. The conversation continued this afternoon with many fans saying they had been unable to secure tickets for the pay-per-view, while others rejoiced that they were able to reserve their seats. There seems to be a big buzz among fans with three months left.

AEW All Out Week 2021 is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 1 with a Dynamite live on TNT. A live Rampage on TNT will then take place this Friday evening, and the All Out pay-per-view will take place on Sunday, September 5th. All three shows will take place at the NOW Arena (fka the Sears Center Arena) near Chicago. .

Matches haven’t been announced for All Out, but Tony Khan recently mentioned that there will be a pay-per-view Women’s Casino Battle Royale.

Stay tuned for more on All Out Week ticket sales.

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