World Trial Championship: Virat Kohli says squad will regroup energetically against England

Indian Virat Kohli and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson

Virat Kohli (left), whose side lost a tense final to Kane Williamson’s New Zealand, has vowed to bounce back against England who kick off the second round of the World Trials.
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Calcutta: Indian skipper Virat Kohli has promised his team will ‘come together with new energy’ for the second round of the World Trials Championship, starting with the India-England series which begins next month. The first of five rounds of testing will begin at Trent Bridge on August 4, as the International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed the points system for the second edition of the ICC World Testing Championship (WTC), as well as the series. bilateral, which will be part of the 2021-23 cycle.

“It was great to have played in the ICC World Trials final against New Zealand in what was a memorable competition,” Kohli said in a statement.

“Not just the final, we saw the determination of the players throughout the first edition of the championship. The follow-up from cricket fans was also great, and I’m sure they will all look forward to the second edition, ”said Kohli, himself a big fan of the format.

“We will regroup with new energy for the next cycle starting with our series against England, in the hope of giving our fans something to celebrate,” said the Indian skipper, whose team lost the WTC eight-wicket final in Southampton last month.


Jubilant members of the New Zealand squad after winning the World Test Championship final last month.
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England Test captain Joe Root said: “We are starting our campaign in the second edition of the ICC Test World Championship against the finalists from last time, which is an interesting challenge right away. India are a great all-round team and it would be good to test them in our home conditions.

“We narrowly missed qualifying for the final last time around and we’re looking to do better this time around. Test cricket is a format in which we all want to excel and with points at stake for every game everyone has to be at their best all the time, ”he added.

Kane Williamson, captain of the defending New Zealand champions, said: “We know that trying to defend the title will be a huge challenge, but our goal will be to make sure that we prepare as best as we can for the tours. come and try to maintain our level of performance. “

Points per game, no streak

Meanwhile, every match in the next WTC will now be played for the same number of points – 12 for a win, four for a draw and six for a draw, moving away from the previous system where the same number of points was awarded. to each. series, distributed over the number of games played.

ICC Acting Managing Director Geoff Allardice said the changes were made to simplify the points system: “We have received comments that the previous points system needs to be simplified. The cricket committee took this into consideration when proposing a new standardized points system for each match. He maintained the principle of ensuring that all matches in a WTC series count towards a team’s standings, while allowing series that vary in length between two and five tests.

“During the pandemic, we had to change to rank the teams on the points table using the percentage of available points earned by each team, as not all series could be completed,” noted Allardice.

As in the first edition of the championship, the nine teams will play six series each, three at home and three away, the deadline being March 31, 2023.


Australia (Home): England, South Africa, West Indies; (Outside): India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Bangladesh: Home: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka; Outside: South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies

England: Home: India, South Africa, New Zealand; Outside: Pakistan, West Indies, Australia

India: Home: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia; Outside: Bangladesh, England, South Africa

New Zealand: Home: South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka; Outside: England, Pakistan, India

Pakistan: Home: Australia, England, New Zealand; Outside: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies

South Africa: Domicile: India, West Indies, Bangladesh; Outside: Australia, England, New Zealand

Sri Lanka: Home: West Indies, Australia, Pakistan; Outside: Bangladesh, New Zealand, India

West Indies: Home: Pakistan, Bangladesh, England; Outside: Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka

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