Insomnia in Calcutta: Dawn to Late Night Fans Watch the 10PM Daytime to Watch Soccer Magic | Calcutta News

KOLKATA (Reuters) – Football fans brace for a teary-eyed weekend as Messi-Neymer and Kane-Insigne cross swords in Copa America and Euro Cup finals, disrupting sleep cycles and hackneyed work schedules.
With the Copa final kicking off on Sunday at 5.30am – the game will run until at least 7am – and the Euro final scheduled for the next morning at 12.30am, winking will be a big deal. as important a challenge for the fans as the Italian defense. can pose to Kane and company or Messi’s dart races to Brazilian defenders.

Sleep deprivation, doctors warn, could make you weary, irritable, and erratic. So try to sleep between games, they say, making sure you don’t sleep long enough to disrupt the normal sleep pattern. “First, don’t drive, swim, or engage in strenuous physical activity on Monday mornings. Remember if you watch both games you will get less sleep for two consecutive nights which is sure to take a toll on your system, ”said Suresh Ramasubban, intensive care specialist at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, who directs the hospital’s sleep clinic.
Losing a few hours of sleep can be easily compensated for without getting sick, he said. “After the morning game, eat breakfast and stick to your normal work schedule. If you’re working from home, don’t go to bed right away. Instead, take a 45-minute afternoon nap and get back to work. You will overcome drowsiness and be cool enough to stay awake late for the Euro final, ”said Ramasubban.
After a fortnight of watching Euro games live until late at night and then at the office in the morning, Golf Green resident Avik Ghosh says he can feel fatigue taking its toll. “These days, I feel like I’m in awe. Once the tournament is over, it will be sad but I will also be relieved and catch up on sleep, ”said the company executive.
It may take a few days to get back to a normal sleep routine, consultant Arindam Biswas said. “This is true for those who have been up late for several nights. On Sundays, take short naps during the day and if you feel unwell, skip work the next day, ”Biswas said.
Sudip Naha from Swiss Park has perfected the art of energetic naps between games. “Since I have my own business, I can adjust my time. I watch the games but I use the afternoon to make up for the lack of sleep at night,” Naha said.

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