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Despite a trying year for the rest of us, the best shipyards in the world have completed a group of fresh and groundbreaking superyachts. They go long, graceful and environmentally friendly Lana to the all-purpose explorer yacht The Datcha, with a highly technical sailboat Sea eagle II. Even with the turbulence of 2020, designers and builders continued to move forward with larger hulls, smarter interiors, and improved propulsion. It’s a good start to the next decade of yacht building.

Benetti's Lana is an extreme-sized hybrid yacht, with some of the best open design plans in the superyacht business.

This 351 footer not only has one of the coolest beach clubs on the water, but also has hybrid propulsion that dramatically reduces emissions.

Courtesy of Benetti Yachts

This 351-foot hybrid-powered superyacht is a revolutionary design in several ways. Beyond its carbon reduction battery-powered diesel powertrains, Lanathe plumb bow, the five low decks and the open stern give it an instantly recognizable look anywhere in the world. The one-of-a-kind exterior continues onto the deck, which has dozens of seating around a 26-foot-long pool and an eight-speaker audio system to stream sounds from the front row. The front deck is empty, so it can be used for socializing, sports like golf or basketball.

The 1,300-square-foot beach club features folding side decks, teak flooring, plush couches, 65-inch TVs, and best of all, a full gym and spa, complete with a mosaic-walled steam room, a massage room and even full spectrum chromatic lighting for therapy. Nightlife is a specialty aboard the Benetti, with the 750 square foot movie theater offering a surround sound experience, courtesy of a Faber Olympica sound system.

On the upper deck is an 860 square foot sky lounge, with game tables and a grand piano. The owner’s suite is arguably the most impressive in its class. Measuring over 1,000 square feet, it features folding terraces, her and his walk-in wardrobes, and a private bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. Benetti built custom decor like a breakfast table with a crystal base and crackle surface, and mother of pearl bedside tables.

Benetti's Lana is an extreme-sized hybrid yacht, with some of the best open design plans in the superyacht business.

LanaThe hotel’s unique design includes a central swimming pool on the upper deck, surrounded by lounges.

Courtesy of Benetti Yachts

The yacht is available for charter this winter for around $ 2 million.

Sea Eagle II is the largest aluminum sailboat in the world

Sea eagle II is now the largest aluminum sailboat in the world, with an open deck exterior that matches a minimalist interior clad in wood.

Courtesy of Tom Van Ossanen

This magnificent sailboat – the largest aluminum sailboat in the world – was built by Royal Huisman for a loyal customer. The 266 footer has 200 foot high carbon masts and an expansive 37,000 square foot sail plan. The yacht is a “Panamax schooner”, which means that she is designed to cross the Panama Canal with the masts only crossing the Bridge of the Americas at the entrance of the canal into the Pacific.

Mark Whitley’s interior design blends durable alpi walnut panels and natural oak floors for a calming effect, while the owner’s collection of modern art on the walls adds a vibrant color to the woodwork. Whitley knew the yacht would remain under sail for much of its time on the ocean, so he designed handrails across the cabin for times when the boat was heeling. But to keep the luxurious effect, he wrapped the handrails in leather. Sea eagle II, which the owner also plans to use for business meetings, has a 16-seater dining table and plenty of seating around the living room.

Beyond the salon there are accommodations for 11 guests and 14 crew members. Sailing a visual masterpiece like this involved integrating many features such as furling booms, automatic deck winches, mainsail furling systems and load sensing rigging to make possible navigation with a reduced crew. The yacht also has a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber rudder that includes load sensors, which adds to its technical prowess.

Abeking and Rasmussen launched Soaring this summer as an expedition yacht which can also be chartered

Soaring has graceful lines and gentle curves on the superstructure, with an owner’s suite on the upper deck that offers exceptional privacy and views.

Courtesy of Abeking & Rasmussen

The 223 feet Soaring of the German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen has an unusual arrangement commissioned by the owner. The master bedroom suite is located aft on the upper deck, giving way to a private deck thanks to large sliding doors, as well as a library positioned forward. The remaining five cabins are on the main deck, an unusual layout since most guest cabins are usually on the lower deck. But this layout also offers natural light and exceptional views for everyone on board. The yacht, available for charter, also has a gym with Technogym equipment, sauna and steam room, swimming pool and hot tub, as well as an extensive club of beach.

The staircase aspect of the profile allows for sweeping outdoor experiences on every deck, from the sundeck to the transom beach club. Water was a priority for the owner, who asked the yacht to have two large tenders – a 30-foot Compass limousine and a 25-foot Pascoe – as well as jet skis, Seabobs, kayaks and paddleboards. . Like the exterior, the interior has a minimalist feel with a premium on open space, floor-to-ceiling windows, large living rooms, high ceilings, and custom lighting (including a futuristic chandelier above the dining table. .) Seventeen crew members are on hand to tend to assist both the owner and charter guests when the yacht is on charter.

Feadship's Moonrise is the largest Feadship ever built

Moon rise is the largest construction ever made by Feadship, with a vertical bow, stacked decks and windows on the hull for exceptional natural light.

Courtesy Feadship

The 328 feet Moon rise, unveiled last February, is the largest construction to date from the Feadship yard. The exterior of Studio De Voogt is long and slender, punctuated by a vertical bow and five decks. Moon rise will have eight cabins for 16 guests as well as exceptionally high-end quarters for 32 crew members, thanks to Rémi Tessier Design, who created the interior.

This stunner is designed to reach a top end of 19.6 knots, with a comfortable and efficient cruising speed of 16 knots. Despite its expansive interior volume and length, Feadship has worked hard to reduce vibration and keep Moon rise as calm as possible. The yacht was spotted last summer in Croatia during its shakedown cruise.

The Datcha has two helicopters, a submarine and a hospital on board

Designed to travel to the most remote cruising areas in the world, The Datcha was designed for extreme sports, with two helicopters, a submersible, snowmobiles and a sophisticated dive center.

Courtesy of LaDatcha

The Datcha was designed for exploration, not just a trip to the Caribbean. Damen Yachting’s six-deck SeaXplorer features an icebreaker hull, cabins for 12 guests (and accommodation for 16 crew members), as well as a Turkish bath and sauna, ‘a massage studio, a gym, a jacuzzi and even a glass elevator to connect the floors.

The owner enjoys extreme sports like heli-skiing and underwater exploration, and his goal was to visit some of the most remote parts of the world for extended periods of time. The polar code compliant boat is capable of being autonomous at sea for up to 40 days.

The Datcha is also the first yacht to transport two commercially certified helicopters in separate garages which are used for heliskiing. Designed to be chartered, The Datcha has a hospital emergency room on board, with remote connection to a doctor on call 24/7, and a crew with medical training.

The Datcha has two helicopters, a submarine and a hospital on board

The Datcha also has a warm and bright interior.

Courtesy of LaDatcha

For water sports, it has a three-passenger submarine, four jet skis and a sophisticated dive center equipped with a decompression chamber and enough compressed air and Nitrox to allow 12 guests to dive together for up to seven days.

Bilgin 262 is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey

Courtesy of Bilgin Yachts

Bilgin launched Turkey’s largest superyacht, a 262.5-footer. three-deck design delivered in early summer. Unique Yacht Design’s exterior is sleek, using the 40ft beam and 11ft draft for maximum effect.

“We have designed a very attractive yacht with a sleek and sexy profile while avoiding high dose design clichés,” said Emrecan Özgün, CEO of the Istanbul design company, referring to the often square shape of others. High volume motor yachts in its class. . “The increase in living space normally translates into bulky designs.”

Interior designers H2 Yacht Design used Macassar ebony, eucalyptus and multiple marbles to create strong contrasts. “The yacht is contemporary in design with generous lounges and a huge spa and beach club aft,” says Jonny Horsfield of H2. “The theme of the interior is based on a light yet rich palette, while the design is definitely clean and contemporary. We have also brought this philosophy to the exterior decks, which closely follow this rich and warm theme. “

Bilgin 262 is the largest yacht ever built in Turkey

Turkey’s largest yacht was built for an experienced boater. The interior of London-based HO Design is fluid and modern, but with a soft, subdued color palette.

Courtesy of Bilgin Yachts

The displacement hull offers a top end of 20 knots, while her 12 knot cruising speed turns the yacht into a miser on fuel, consuming just 66 gallons per hour.

Built to comply with IMO Tier III certification, Bilgin says her new launch is not only Turkey’s largest superyacht, but the “greenest yacht in its class”. Its exhaust system has a filtering system that provides 100% emission-free exhaust. This new technology promises to take the rest of the superyacht world forward when it comes to sustainability.

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