Conor McGregor admits he almost pulled out of Dustin Poirier fight with injury

Conor McGregor has said he needs to get his leg treated before stepping into the octagon with Dustin Poirier on Saturday night.

The Irishman suffered a horrific broken leg in the dying seconds of the first round of his trilogy fight with Poirier and the fight was instantly called off in the corner, giving Poirier a victory.

And despite theories that a block from the American caused the gnarled injury, McGregor said he felt the effects during training camp, weeks before fighting Poirier.

In an injury update on Instagram, which was viewed 2 million times in the first two hours of uploading, the Irishman detailed what went wrong to cause the injury.

“The leg is better than ever,” McGregor said. “I was injured before the fight. People ask me, “When did the leg break?” When did the leg break? ‘

“Ask Dana White, ask UFC, ask UFC chief medical officer Dr. Davidson, they knew I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage.

Conor McGregor after breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier
Conor McGregor suffered a serious injury against Dustin Poirier

“There was a debate about taking the thing off because I was training without shin guards and would be kicking the knee several times.

“So I had several stress fractures in the tibia above my ankle, and then I still had ankle problems during all those years of non-stop fighting.

“And I also hit my ankle every workout.”

McGregor said training with a serious injury helped him develop his back skills, which caused problems for Poirier on their one lap of action.

He pulled the guillotine in the round in an effort to finish Poirier with his first submission victory in the promotion, but it was in the vein and ultimately cost him the position.

“I even did a lot of workouts when my ankle was sore, I still just kept training,” McGregor continued.

“I was just training on the back and that’s how I developed those shots on the ground and in the pound from the back, that’s why Dustin pulled away from me when he was on top of me. and that I was getting kicks and elbows.

“It’s a horrible place when you’re against someone like me, it takes so much effort to try and land punches from your first position.

“While you try to do that and waste your energy and end up with elbows down and vicious kicks.

“It’s a skill I developed because I had a damaged leg and had to adjust my training.”

McGregor is expected to return to the fight despite the severity of the injury, but it won’t be until next year at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Poirier will face UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira later this year in a massive title fight, while promotion boss Dana White has said a fourth fight could come later. .

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