Fouaad Mirza has a good chance of getting on the podium: Imtiaz

By Anuj Mishra New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI): Former Indian equestrian Imtiaz Anees wants Fouaad Mirza to “live in the moment” when he competes in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. Fouaad is the first Indian rider to cross the Olympic Cup in 20 years, the last representative of the nation being Imtiaz in Sydney 2000.

“I want him to live in the moment, it’s overwhelming and it’s surreal because of the level he’s going to be. The whole country will be watching him but he has to forget all that, he has to think only of himself. and on his horse, “Imtiaz told ANI.

The former Indian rider believes Fouaad has a “good” chance of finishing on the podium as he has been in good shape in recent years.

“I wish him the best because it is always very hard when it comes to riding, it is very hard because a horse is also involved,” said Imtiaz.

“And it’s also difficult because he hasn’t seen the course and until the course opens up we will know how technical it is and how difficult it is. But he has had good performances in the past and he is in good shape. His horse is also in good shape he has a very high probability but again we won’t know until the morning of the event “, he said. he adds.

Fouaad had won a quota for the Tokyo Olympics in 2019 itself, but the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of events around the world meant he could only meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Olympics in May of this year.

He managed to do so in Baborowko in Poland, finishing second over Lord Medicott and third with Dajara 4.

“The pandemic has affected the mental health of every athlete and it has become a big problem too because at the Olympics you have to peak at the right time,” Imtiaz said. “And your peak performance was last year because it was around the time of the Olympics. So now it becomes very difficult to extend peak performance for a whole year.

“So the ones who are going to do well are the ones who have perfectly timed this to let themselves be turned off and on again. So that will be the big deal,” he added.

Three days before the start of the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, Fouaad has decided to change horses and he will now accompany Lord Medicott to the Games. Medicott, affectionately known as Micky, helped him win both silver medals at the Asian Games and they both share a strong emotional bond.

At first Fouaad chose Dajara 4 for the Olympics, but in the last grueling weeks of competition and training, Fouaad felt that Dajara 4 had come under a lot of pressure. This prompted the change in the final entry with Lord Medicott for the Tokyo Olympics as the horse was moving better. (ANI)

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