Classes 10-12 schools will reopen from July 26 in the Punjab, India

NEW DELHI, July 20 (Xinhua) – The local government in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Tuesday announced that schools in grades 10, 11 and 12 will reopen for regular classes from July 26.

The decision to reopen schools for physical classes was taken by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh, who also announced further relaxations in the COVID-19 lockdown, including an increase in the number of people in indoor gatherings at 150 and outside at 300, subject to an upper limit of 50 percent of capacity.

Officials said classroom work for the other classes would be started from next month if the situation permitted.

However, only teachers and staff who are fully immunized will be allowed to be physically present.

Officials said they were asked that the physical presence of students be done only with parental consent and that the option of virtual lessons also remains available.

The easing came days after the chief minister ordered bars, movie theaters, restaurants, spas, swimming pools, among others, to open at 50% capacity with vaccine compliance.

Previously, colleges, coaching centers and all other higher education institutions were asked to open with similar compliance.

Several other states have also eased lockdown restrictions and ordered schools to reopen and physical classes to resume.

In Maharashtra, the government reopened schools for grades 8 to 12 from July 15. However, schools have only been opened in areas where no cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the past month.

Bihar schools reopened with 50% attendance for grades 10 to 12 from July 12. Colleges and universities have also reopened here.

In Haryana, schools reopened for grades 9 to 12 from July 16. Starting July 23, physical classes will also begin for students in grades 6 through 8 across the state.

Gujarat reopened schools for class 12 with a 50% capacity from July 15. However, physical classes for students in grades 1 through 9 have been postponed indefinitely in the state.

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